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Why Is USGov Siding with Al-Qaeda?

Ron Paul asks, Why are we siding with al-Qaeda?

Now, as far as I’m concerned, Dr. Paul is really asking why is the U.S. government siding with al-Qaeda. But like many people Dr. Paul uses that collective pronoun “we” in the way as to suggest that “we” represents the “American people” via their representatives in Washington. That use of the collective pronoun “we” bothers me, because I am not siding with al-Qaeda, and I know that Dr. Paul is not siding with al-Qaeda. It’s the U.S. government and its “security” (sic) bureaucrats who have been giving aid such as weapons and cash to foreigners including “our” enemies. It’s not the American people doing that. As I had noted in an earlier post (that was 7 years ago, I guess Dr. Paul doesn’t read my blog, oh well) on Dr. Paul’s use of the collective pronoun “we,” ideas would be better understood especially by young people if one could clarify more specifically what one is referring to (especially when “we” just isn’t accurate).

Otherwise, Dr. Paul’s column is right on. Our government bureaucrats in Washington support many “bad guys” overseas, and there’s no good reason for it.


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