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Today’s Nattering Nabobs of Negativism

H.L. Mencken Club president Paul Gottfried has an article on clarifying a National Review article by Ben Shapiro, in which Shapiro claims that conservative organizations or publications oust bigoted conservatives while those on the left merely scold their bigots but they don’t oust them. Gottfried says that the ones who are mainly ousted by conservatives are those who dissent from interventionist foreign policy and libertarians. Gottfried cites William F. Buckley, Jr. and National Review’s ousting of the Birch Society not for the stated reasons of white supremacy or anti-Semitism but because of the Birchers’ opposition to U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.

I really enjoy it when conservatives go after each other like this, or when progressives go after each other. One example of progressives in-fighting has been Glenn Greenwald being attacked by his fellows on the left for his actually insisting on facts and evidence when it comes to the “Russia-collusions” investigation, same thing with Alan Dershowitz. Although it’s not as enjoyable as seeing the bureaucrats of one government agency going against the bureaucrats of another government agency. We want to see bureaucrats at each other’s throats. They’re scum.

And Charles Burris has linked to a column by a Lionel Shriver on what Burris calls Cultural Maoism. That’s not Lionel from the radio, or a relative of Maria Shriver, it’s a columnist at the U.K. Spectator. In her column Shriver asserts that the snowflakes who show being intensely offended by every little thing are not really offended and are not really emotionally triggered by microaggressions. They are merely either feigning such emotions and hurt, or are brainwashed to believe they are but mainly are motivated by a need or a compulsion to target and hunt down others to victimize and torment.

Shriver cites the way the youngins shout down and physically attack not only those on campuses who say the wrong things or the un-PC things, but attack others who defend such intruders. We can see from Antifa how they have physically assaulted innocent, peaceful people who might happen to be carrying an American flag or who might happen to wear a “MAGA” hat. All these people seem to be millennials who suffer from utter lack of control over their own lives, who have a need to control and dominate over others, and who were probably raised by the most insecure of parents.

One contributor to their inner turmoil is the fact that many of them now were raised in the post-9/11 era, by parents who already were raised to believe in and worship the State and its apparatchiks but whose State mysticism was reinforced by post-9/11 government-inflicted hysteria and fear-mongering that was then repeated over and over by the sheeple of the mainstream media, i.e. government media. We now have a generation of utter neurotics and pathologically irrational control freaks not only by an hysterical upbringing but also who are poisoned by terrible prescription drugs, vaccines and processed foods.

The authoritarians on the right like those of National Review are just as bad. They also have an immature need to dominate over and assume control over others, but in a more passive-aggressive way. That is why they love government interventionism, especially foreign interventionism. When Ron Paul suggested closing down the foreign military bases that are unjustly all over the world where they don’t belong, and bringing all the U.S. troops back to the U.S., recall how Dr. Paul was smeared as this or that bad person, especially by conservative talk radio personalities and the punditry on the right. He was especially smeared by the SJW-ish Reason magazine and the moron Michael Medved on talk radio.

One problem with the conservatives is this nationalism stuff, this American Exceptionalism stuff. But many of them have issues of narcissism and delusions of grandiosity just as the young millennials and the left do. The U.S. government in Washington is a “City on a Hill” and has a God-given right or entitlement to invade and occupy other territories with impunity. To hell with moral principles.

And The Donald with his idiotic trade crapola. Trump seems to think that trade is “America trades with other countries,” when no, individual Americans and businesses trade with other individuals and businesses, domestically and internationally, and it doesn’t involve “The Country.” It doesn’t involve the government in Washington. As Laurence Vance wrote in his column today, “Free trade is just commercial freedom from government interference.”

So the nationalists and conservatives want the government to interfere with foreign countries’ peoples and governments, in addition to interfering with their own fellow Americans’ business, and the youngin millennials want the government to interfere with everything from people’s health care matters to what people are allowed or forbidden to say, think, write, or believe.

I say, how about just live and let live, and leave others alone. Ya think?

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