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Political Power Grabbers

Butler Shaffer has this article now, asking, Who owns the State? A very interesting take on the various groups of power-grabbers, usurpers and the obedient sheeple he calls “zombies.” No kidding, Butler. And I agree with him as far as referring to the Owners so desperate in their wanting their “fiefdom” restored. His article sure has gotten me going today.

While he doesn’t get into the events of this past week, particularly the accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh by a professor Christine Blasey Ford while they were in high school, and whose accusations seem questionable, in my view here is an example of the “Owners” desperate for governmental powers. Just look at the depraved and decrepit Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Shady Pines) manipulating and maneuvering in her withholding the Christine Ford accusation letter from July until now as though timing its appearance at the last moment. Shame on Feinstein. She’s this week’s Madame Apparatchik, for sure.

The Democrats are desperate to control the Supreme Court. Some of their priorities include preventing Roe v. Wade from getting overturned. It’s a terrible, unconstitutional, legislating-from-the-bench decision. Don’t worry about it. If it’s overturned most of the states will continue to not interfere with a woman’s right to choose to kill her offspring. On the radio, talk show callers are terrified of “Planned Parenthood being closed down.” No it won’t, because there are plenty of extremely rich liberals who would donate to fund its illicit operations. “Birth control will be inaccessible.” No, just go into your local CVS and get it. It’s not too expensive. If you think it’s too expensive, you need to budget your priorities. Sadly, many people prioritize promiscuous sex, and they don’t want to deal with the consequences responsibly.

The Democrats also are desperate to impose higher tax-thefts on the people, especially a “carbon tax.” The climate change crapola is ALL about further expanding the powers of government and further empowering the private-property-eviscerating police state, and stealing more from the people. It’s ALL about higher taxes, and NOT the environment or the climate.

And the Democrats and progressive activists are desperate to have the power to order private businesspeople like bakers to bake them a cake whether they like it or not. But really, the activists are drooling to impose onto traditionalists, Christians and non-LGBT pervs an acceptance of “alternative” lifestyles that are against their values. Imposing onto others is what progressives are all about. But wait a minute, the conservatives also want to impose their views, such as not allowing an atheist baker to refuse service to a Christian couple.

The conservatives also are desperate for power coming from the Supreme Court.

I have never seen or heard such a bunch of chicken littles running around in circles with their heads cut off like these people. They have been eating up the lies and propaganda of the terrorist police state from Washington ever since 9/11, hook, line and sinker. “Those ragheads are gonna kill us!” and all that. They’re hysterical.

The conservative talk radio ditto-heads only value the 4th and 5th Amendments when their rights are violated, such as the DOJ and FBI spying on the Trump campaign. But not for the riffraff, and certainly not for the Muslims and the Ay-rabs, or the Mexicans and immigrants. Judge Kavanaugh is a rubber-stamper for the surveillance state, the bureaucratic state, the police state. He is a Swamp Creature. So, if someone is accusing him of something when they were in high school, I couldn’t care less. I couldn’t care if the accusation is true or if it’s a false accusation. He’s Swamp Creature, a rubber-stamper for the tyrannical Bureaucracy. Bye-bye. Let’s hope the 9th Justice (sic) is just not replaced at all. And then when Ginsberg decides to call it a day (or croaks), let’s not replace her either. In fact, keep that trend going until there are 9 empty seats. We will all be better off.

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