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Totalitarianism? In 2018?

James Bovard comments on the TSA’s latest totalitarian criminality, tracking innocent non-suspect travelers, following them from flight to flight, etc., and noting their behaviors, their changes in behaviors, etc. Real sickos. (Is the FedGov training its employees to be nazis?)

Richard Ebeling discusses the dangers of totalitarian planning, past and present.

Laurence Vance asks, Who owns your body? He brings up a lady who is looking for someone to donate a kidney for her son. It could be easier for the lady to find someone if she offered to pay someone for a kidney to donate. But she is not allowed by law to do that. i.e., a de facto government ownership of our bodies.

Matt Agorist on why 3D printing guns are a win for world peace and a potential death blow to tyranny. What are the rulers afraid of? They don’t want an honest, peaceful, law-abiding citizen to have a gun that isn’t registered, detectable, traceable, i.e. more easily confiscatable by the “authorities”? Afraid of shooting rampages? But most (or all?) of the mass shootings (aside form the fact that the shooters had been taking psychiatric drugs) took place with traditional, legally purchased, traceable firearms. The rulers are very afraid of the people.

Ramzey Baroud comments on Israel’s new Jewish Nation-State law. They’re clueless. They need to read the Declaration of Independence. (If they’ve even heard of it…)

And Mike Masnick writes about Senate Democrats’ plans for regulating the Internet. (Democrats’ typical authoritarian solutions in search of a problem.)

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