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Brian Balfour writes that you can’t “run the government like a business.” Government gets its funding through coercion and threats against the workers and producers, while businesses must get their income voluntarily, from the consumers’ voluntary transactions. In my view, there are plenty of things that government gets itself involved in, funded involuntarily by the people, that no one in his right mind would voluntarily pay for.

Bryan Caplan says it’s okay to be both pro-market and pro-business. “I love businesses because they treat me the way I like to be treated.   When businesses want me to buy their products, they almost never nag, shame, preach, condescend, or troll.  They make offers, politely say ‘If you have any questions, you can reach me here’ – and then leave me in peace.” Yup.

Robert Higgs says that a win-win trade war is a delusion. I think that if conservatives really support “free markets” and free trade, they need to drop this nationalism stuff. This whole trade war stuff is collectivist claptrap. In my view, this collectivism trend is what is ruining this society, from the group identity politics on the left to the same kind of nationalistic group identity politics on the “conservative” side, both culturally and economically.

Charles Burris comments on Dinesh D’Souza’s new film, Death of a Nation, and says it is flawed in several ways, including deifying Lincoln.

And The Daily Caller notes that Cliven Bundy is going to fight the Sessions DOJ’s appeal of a judge’s dismissal of charges against him. The judge criticized the prosecution for misconduct and violating Bundy’s rights to due process. Roger Roots detailed the events. The DOJ is as rotten as they come. Its appeal of the dismissal is really now a persecution against innocent people by criminal bureaucrats (sorry for the redundancy).

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