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Sadly, Most People Are Authoritarians and Collectivists

I’ve been trying to tell it like it is here. So in this one I want to explain how most people are authoritarians and collectivists, not individualists or voluntaryists.

I don’t want to spend too much time on the people on the left. But as far as the people on the left and self-proclaimed socialists, most of them are authoritarians in their love of government central planning authority rule over the rest of us.

Regarding this “democratic socialist” stuff, sorry, it doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as “democratic socialism,” just socialism. The socialists are just putting the word “democratic” in there to make it sound nice. But socialism isn’t nice.

And it seems that when you bring up the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, and now Venezuela, it’s crickets. When the possibly future congressperson from New York, Evita Ocasio-Cortez talks about “free health care, free education,” etc., she means the government will run and control all those things.

Putting aside the practical reasons why these things will never work, the enforcement of the control and distribution of the free stuff is a police state.

Just like with the enforcement of the tax-thefts imposed by gubmint, if you don’t obey and comply with Evita’s mandates, impositions, edicts and diktats, the authorities will go after you. You must report your medical matters, as well as your private earnings and income, information that is none of your neighbor’s business and therefore is none of the bureaucrats’ business. The do-gooder “socialists” will send the armed S.W.A.T. teams of the IRS, FBI, FTC, SEC, and even the EPA after those who don’t participate in the socialists’ little games of fantasy.

“Stop resisting!”

Like many people on the “conservative” side, many on the left really just want to use the armed power of government to order others around and tell them what to do, tell them how to live their lives, and take their earnings away from them.

Evita and her fellow socialists are authoritarians, and they need to read Economics in One Lesson, by Henry Hazlitt, Anything That’s Peaceful (.pdf) by Leonard Read, The Ethics of Liberty (.pdf) and Making Economic Sense (.pdf) by Murray Rothbard, and Bureaucracy (.pdf), Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth, and Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis (.pdf) by Ludwig von Mises.

But I didn’t want to spend too much time here on the left and socialists. I really wanted to go after those who claim to be “conservative,” because they are so frustrating, hypocritical and annoying now.

America was not founded on authoritarianism and collectivism. Just the opposite. America was founded on anti-authoritarianism and individualism, and free markets and private property. The Revolutionaries were anti-authoritarians who rebelled against and separated from their British rulers. And the ideas they promoted were ideas of individualism and individual liberty that they shared with the philosophers of the Enlightenment.

But we hear the opposite of those ideas and principles from the “conservatives” and nationalists, especially the talk radio crowd, and especially when it comes to their anti-immigration rantings.

Nationalism is a form of collectivism. And when it comes to “America” and being “patriotic,” the nationalists show their true authoritarian colors. For instance, they become little snowflakes who become “triggered” and emotionally tormented if they see someone “disrespecting” the American flag or the military.

Yes, that military that invaded Iraq twice and destroyed the whole country and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands, and destroyed Afghanistan as well. So, the “conservatives” and nationalists are authoritarians. If you believe that people can’t question the legitimacy of the military’s wars of aggression against other countries, and would thus be considered “unpatriotic,” then you are an authoritarian.

Hmm, the talk radio crowed. First, I think that Sean Hannity’s non-stop coverage of the Mueller “investigation” would be different or even non-existent if it were the Bush DOJ/FBI illegally obtaining FISA warrants to spy on the 2008 Obama campaign, as we now have plenty of evidence to show the Obama DOJ/FBI did to the Trump campaign in 2016-2017. If it were the Bush DOJ/FBI allegedly attempting to make up “Obama-Russia collusions” I think that Hannity not only would be silent about such allegations but would be cheering on a Mueller special counsel investigation.

And Hannity wouldn’t be saying anything about the “deep state,” the “police state,” and so forth. Because he himself is a staunch police statist and militarist.

And I have good reason to think all that. For one, he loves Oliver North, the deep state “working out of the White House basement” military apparatchik from the Reagan years, the guy who promoted “Rex 84” “continuity of government” rounding up of innocent citizens who criticized their government.

And, according to the Daily Beast, in 2010 when Wikileaks began releasing documents exposing criminality and corruption in the U.S. military and diplomats, to do with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Hannity was calling for Julian Assange to be arrested. So get Assange for publishing “classified” documents and “waging war against the U.S.,” and for putting Americans in danger.

But now Hannity and Assange have been good buddies, because the documents WikiLeaks has been releasing have exposed Hillary Clinton corruption and Obama administration criminality.

And Hannity’s 2010 criticism of Julian Assange and Wikileaks despite the fact that no American lives were even at risk by the release of documents. So, Hannity believes propaganda when dished out by a Republican-controlled U.S. government and he believed all the post-9/11 Bush fear-mongering, but he is quick to question Obama administration propaganda. Not just an authoritarian, but a partisan authoritarian. Humph!

Regarding the conservatives’ love for the authoritarian socialist police state, whenever I have heard Hannity discussing the school shootings such as the one in Parkland, Florida, Hannity’s solution is to have “former military or police” armed security guards in every school, metal detectors, and so on. That’s all I hear. Even when it comes to letting teachers and school staff be armed if they want to be, he seems reticent. Let’s have government police and military in the schools. And how sickening to hear that his buddy the militarist Oliver North became the president of the NRA, whose main purpose is to promote civilian firearm ownership, not to promote the military.

Unfortunately with Hannity and many other conservatives we hear mostly short-sighted solutions to problems. People don’t want to know what is causing kids or young adults to go into schools on a shooting rampage in the first place? I have mentioned the psychiatric drugs. Other things that affect the youngins include phone/Internet addiction turning the kids into zombies, and processed foods.

The ones doing these shootings are almost always male. Another problem with the schools is the anti-male bias from the teachers and administrators. See Fred Reed on the pussification of boys in the schools, and see Reed on the “hostile feminocracy” in the schools.

So, besides repealing “gun-free zone” schools policies, and telling the schools and doctors to cut it out with the psychiatric drugs, rather than having “retired police and military” be armed guards in the schools, how about just letting teachers and staff carry concealed firearms if they want to. They don’t have to if they don’t want to. And no one would really know who is armed and who isn’t. Would-be shooters wouldn’t know, and they most likely wouldn’t take the risk. As I mentioned before, in the old days kids had guns in school and it wasn’t controversial, and there were no school shootings. (There was no Xanax or Zoloft either.)

I think that when Hannity mentions the idea of arming teachers, he seemed to get into how to plan that, how to have the school train them, etc. That’s not the job of the schools. Conservatives are like those on the left, things need to be centrally planned. No, just let teachers and staff be armed if they want to. It would be a random thing. There are many teachers who own guns and have had training on their own.

Like those on the left, the conservatives need things to be dictated from and controlled by the gubmint. Would they consider totally privatizing and decentralizing the government schools? Nope. They want government control. They are authoritarians.

And collectivists! This nationalism stuff with the immigration issue! Those “illegals” are “breaking into our country,” arrest businessmen who hire non-government-authorized workers! So much for private property rights. So much for individual liberty. So much for those unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those are only for citizens! (“Unalienable”?)

“They are criminals. They are violating the law!” “The law is the law.” No, immigrants are not criminals because there is no “victim,” except when some of them act criminally against others. But you see, collectivists lump all those in a category (immigrants) into one big group. For some reason, the collectivists seem incapable of separating the peaceful immigrants from the violent ones.

And no, they’re not “invading” “our” country, they’re not “breaking in,” like the whole territory is “our home.” Sorry, collectivists. There is no such thing as a common ownership of the entire territory, owned by the “citizens.” (I have addressed all those questions in this post.) Well, I am a U.S. citizen. Where is the deed that includes my name on it? I haven’t seen it. I think that property ownership is legitimate when there is a deed or title. It’s a legal thing.

So, this is a large territory made up of millions of parcels of privately owned properties. The “conservatives” just don’t get that. So they support the socialist central planning controls over immigration, even though that doesn’t work. It’s not working now, because it’s impractical as well as immoral, and it will never work. Central planners in Washington will never, ever be able to control the movements of millions of people, it is just impossible no matter how much of a police state you impose on your own fellow Americans as well as on foreigners.

But the “conservatives” live in an authoritarian, collectivist universe, in which they worship the mythology of nationalism and the mysticism of “America.”

And true believers in individualism and freedom of thought would never promote the standing for a “national anthem” or reciting a “pledge of allegiance,” which is really a pledge of obedience to the State, that sick, disgusting thing. Like the progressives and socialists, the conservatives love and worship the State.

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