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Pedestrians, Motorists, and Bicyclists

I haven’t been driving for a number of years. So, I am a “pedestrian.” But not one of those obnoxious ones who starts crossing the street against the light when cars are speeding through and not even looking. Have you seen those people?

No, I am respectful of motorists (because I don’t want to get run over, quite frankly). But I have seen motorists who are at an intersection, at a stop sign or whatever and waiting for a person whose crossing that intersection is in progress. Sometimes it’s an elderly person crossing. And sometimes I see the motorist speeding up to the intersection like he’s intending to go past the stop sign and make the turn quickly, and suddenly he notices the pedestrian crossing and the motorist suddenly stops. I’ve seen that several times now. Can those people try to be a little more careful? Try to be a little patient. What, is the wife about to have a baby?

The text- and phone-obsessors also are problematic. Can you put the phone down for a few minutes? I think these people are extremely dependent, and obviously they are addicted to their little stupid gadgets that they seem to need like a baby needs his rattle.

And finally, the bikes. Bicyclists should have a little more respect for the motorists and stop riding so closely to the cars, alongside the cars. And a lot of times, the motorists can’t see the bike when it is in the blind spot. But also, the bicyclists should be a little more respectful of pedestrians. Stop riding on the sidewalks, that’s not for bikes.

People really need to cool it, as Grace, Queen of the Cockamamies used to say.

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