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Neanderthals on the Left, Neanderthals on the Right – Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

The leftists of Antifa have gathered once again alongside the “rightists” of “Unite the Right” in Washington.

Antifa is a group of anti-capitalist, anti-freedom-of-speech, government supremacists who support control over the government to impose authoritarian, socialist controls over the people. I don’t think they describe themselves that way, but that’s my interpretation.

Anti-capitalist? How do you think your iPhone came to be? And your car if you have one, and your TV? You think socialism brought those things into existence? Nope. The free market, baby.

Besides being ignorant, the Antifa people also support using aggression and violence against innocents. Too many times now I’ve heard about Antifa people attacking and assaulting some guy with a MAGA hat even though he was being peaceful.

And the “Unite the Right” people are a group of white nationalists, neo-Confederates and Nazis or neo-Nazis.

But, as Dinesh D’Souza has claimed, the “Unite the Right” organizer, Jason Kessler, is really a leftist, given his time with Occupy Wall Street and his being an Obama supporter. So it seems to me that Kessler might be a leftist crackpot who is organizing these “Unite the Right” events in order to claim that there are more white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Amerika than there really are.

D’Souza also claims that the other major “Unite the Right” player, Richard Spencer, is a Wilsonian progressive era collectivist and a white identitarian who questions the idea of individualism and individual rights.

And I heard on Glenn Beck this morning that the Antifa crowd in Washington were shouting their demands to be heard (in their message of taking down the system, but really they went themselves to be in control over everything and everyone), yet they were attacking the news media. Literally attacking them, attempting to grab cameras away from media people, etc.

Glenn Beck was saying that they couldn’t play excerpts of some of the Antifa-screaming audio because of all the swear words. Now, if those little creeps of Antifa want to get their message out and to be taken seriously, perhaps they can consider using less profanity, perhaps behave a little more decently toward others. Sadly, many of them were probably not even potty-trained until third grade (if they ever were). Sad.

So, like Antifa’s fellow travelers in the Democrat party and the college campus hystericals, they also want to censor free expression and freedom of the Press.

But, as Joe Wolverton at the New American reports, it’s not just the extremists on the left who want to shut down non-mainstream news outlets and websites. In a recent poll, 43 % of Republicans stated that “the president should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior.” The poll doesn’t seem to define “bad behavior,” so I assume the subjects view “bad behavior” as whatever Donald Trump determines to be “bad,” or whatever the local police or military determine, as we know what devotion most obedient Rethuglicans and conservatives have for armed officials of the gubmint.

In the same poll, 23% of the Rethugs said they believe that “President Trump should close down mainstream news outlets such as CNN, the Washington Post, and the New York Times.” As I was saying in this post and this post just recently, today’s conservatives don’t really have a capacity for long-term thinking or planning.

If you give the current President, Trump, the one you like, the power to shut down news media outlets you don’t like, then the power will still be there when he leaves office, so the next tyrant that you don’t like, such as Hillary or Evita Ocasio-Cortez, will shut down your beloved Fox News, the New York Post, or the Daily Caller. But conservatives and nationalists are too busy crying over football players “disrespecting the flag” and other who-cares issues that they are really just as clueless as the ones on the left.

It’s the same thing with the conservatives and nationalists’ government Wall on the border they really believe will solve the immigration problem. When the Wall is built and your beloved Trump leaves office, down the line a worse administration will use the Wall to keep the people in, not out. “Oh, that’s absurd”? Well, we already have had Senators like Charles Schumer and his ilk installing or attempting to install an expat-enslavement law, in which those who leave the country will still owe the U.S. government part of their earnings, even though they are no longer a citizen. This is like the Fugitive Slave Act in which if a slave runs away to his freedom the ones who attempt to help him will be arrested for aiding and abetting or “harboring” a runaway slave.

But as bad as the Antifa crowd, Black Lives Matter, “Democratic Socialists,” LGBT groups and other leftist organizations are in terms of their lack of respect for the individual rights of others, for the persons and property of others and lack of general decency, the conservatives and nationalists are just as bad, in my view.

Another example of the conservatives and nationalists’ fixation in short-sightedness is their support for the U.S. government’s expansion of its apparatus and military bases overseas, and of the wars that U.S. government started in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the criminal drone strikes and murders of innocent civilians overseas. All that U.S. military aggression into other territories and murders of foreigners does is provoke the foreigners into retaliation against us. That is exactly what 9/11 was an example of.

At the time of 9/11, if anyone brought up the first war on Iraq started by George H.W. Bush in 1991 and the sanctions throughout the 1990s that caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands that led to 9/11, the conservatives and nationalists would say one is “blaming America,” and being “unpatriotic,” a “traitor,” “not supporting our President at a time of war,” and all that nonsense. That was because many people had no memory of what our military did to Iraq and the Middle East throughout the 1990s prior to 9/11, or they thought it was a good thing (!).

At a debate in South Carolina during the 2012 Presidential campaign, Ron Paul suggested that the Golden Rule in foreign policy would be the moral way and would work for us. We don’t want other governments invading and bombing our country, so we ought not have our government and military invading and bombing other countries.

But the neanderthals didn’t like hearing that. Listen to the True Believers in American Exceptionalism neanderthals “Booo” Ron Paul and his wise suggestion:

Sadly, the people on the left don’t care about the wars our government has started and the bombing and murders of innocents it continues to do overseas. All the people on the left seem to care about are race and race-baiting, gay power and transgender dysforia, climate change and free stuff for everyone.

And the people on the conservative side mainly care about their worship of the Amerikan flag, abortion, and preventing foreigners from coming into “our” country and starting businesses and employing workers.

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