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Elizabeth Warren Wants to Control Every Infinitesimal, Microscopic Aspect of Private Businesses

Former economics professor Barry Brownstein writes about Elizabeth Warren’s “Accountable Capitalism Act,” in which the senior imbecile from Massachusetts wants the government to impose its own decisions on large businesses as far as diversity of its boards and payment and personnel decisions, and more.

Brownstein writes that Warren “wants corporate decisions to be made by armchair quarterbacks who lack essential tacit knowledge and the knowledge of ‘particular circumstances of time and place,’ as Hayek calls it. Without such knowledge, it is impossible to make decisions that effectively allocate resources to best serve consumers.”

So really Pocahontas wants corporations to be accountable to bureaucrats who are basically parasites who live off the labor of others, while businesspeople make a living by actually being productive and serving consumers’ needs.

Brownstein considers Warren’s proposals more like national socialism than “democratic socialism.” So she is not very much different from Donald Trump, in my view, the self-described “economic nationalist,” which really means “national socialist.”

In national socialism, the government gets into the economic affairs of the people, in the name of the “nation.” For example, Trump’s idiotic trade policies, in which he wants to tell American consumers what they may or may not buy and from where, at least attempt to control those matters by imposing huge costs on them. And Trump wants to dictate to American producers from where and from whom they may buy the capital goods they need to run their manufacturing plants and so on, by imposing huge costs on them (which eventually will reverse the positive effects of his tax cuts!).

A more extreme example of national socialism, which actually Elizabeth Warren’s ideas are closer to than Trump’s, is Nazi Germany. When Hitler took control he then became an obsessed central-planning control freak, dictating to businesses every aspect of the business in an attempt to make it better serve the nation, or at least so Hitler thought.

Back to Elizabeth Warren’s irrational ideas. You see, as far as “accountability” is concerned in a free-market economy (which Hitler hated, and for which Warren and Trump both show utter contempt), businesses are accountable to the consumers. When businesses are no longer serving the consumers’ needs or if the competition serves the consumers better, the failing businesses just go bankrupt, reorganize, or close down.

Meanwhile, as far as “democratic socialism” is concerned, as Robert Wenzel reports, the Young Democratic Socialists of Amerika are now urging members to infiltrate the schools by becoming teachers. Wait, haven’t they already done this? Like 100 years ago?

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