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Big Tech Censoring and Banning Critics of the Regime in Washington

As I have been writing for a long time now, the apparatchiks of the State, including the government media (a.k.a. “mainstream media”), don’t like their actions, their idiocy, their incompetence, their corruption and their criminality exposed. They also don’t like such things to be criticized and especially lampooned and satirized. They will go after anyone and everyone who goes against them. Jacob Hornberger has this post that describes just that now regarding the Mueller sham “investigation” of “Trump-Russia collusions” and now the trial of Paul Manafort.

It’s not all from the left, like the SJW-obsessed Big Tech companies are in their censoring Alex Jones. Although right now a lot of it is from the left. And the hypocrisy now is mainly on the left, including the New York Times‘ defending their anti-white, anti-male new tech writer Sarah Jeong, whose racist rants would have gotten her censored and banned if she were a conservative.

But the censorship is also coming from the other side, especially when it comes to those who criticize Washington’s wars, the “war on terror,” and so forth. Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute on the social media purge: Is the Mises Institute next?

Former State Department official and whistleblower Peter van Buren and radio host Scott Horton discuss their experiences with being banned from Twitter in this interview with Daniel McAdams. The discussion is especially important toward the end. Now it’s Alex Jones, tomorrow…

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