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Don Boudreaux says there’s no such thing as “the will of the people.”

Jacob Hornberger suggests abolishing campaign contribution limits. When we have economic liberty and private property rights, we can spend our money on whatever we want.

Rev. Ben Johnson asks, Would Jesus take an Uber?

Ron Paul asks, Trump vs. his own administration?

Carey Wedler discusses a judge trying to censor Parkland School’s treatment of Nikolas Cruz.

Jesús Huerta de Soto discusses the problem with historical illustrations of free-banking systems.

And Daniel Mitchell has an article on the link between economic liberty and national prosperity. The commenters have it right, that many people understand the linkage, yet their emotional and indoctrinated ideology nevertheless takes over as they call for more government interventions and intrusions anyway. And by the way, Donald Trump with his tax cuts contributing to much more prosperity, that’s a good thing. But why does he want to reverse the prosperity with the trade tariffs and restrictions? What’s wrong with him?

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