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Month: August 2018

Google, U.S. Military, and Unhealthy Religious Worship of the State

Laurence Vance asks, Is Google better than the U.S. military?

Dr. Vance cites Google’s relationship with the NSA, and Google’s tracking and surveillance of its users, etc. But Vance also cites an article by former George W. Bush flunky Marc Thiessen, who said that “Google should be ashamed.”

No, says Thiessen, Google shouldn’t be ashamed because of its illicit surveillance and intrusions and its enmeshment with the evil State. No, Google should be ashamed because it pulled out of a Pentacon artificial intelligence program, “Project Maven,” after a letter was signed by thousands of Google employees who didn’t want to do evil by working with the Pentacon.

Vance concludes:

Last time I checked, Google did not do any of these things and bill the taxpayers for the privilege of doing so:

  • Make widows and orphans
  • Fight senseless wars
  • Invade other countries
  • Occupy other countries
  • Intervene in other countries
  • Fight foreign wars
  • Kill civilians and dismiss it as collateral damage
  • Transport insurgents and detainees to torture-friendly countries
  • Carry out drone strikes that miss their targets
  • Police the world
  • Fight unnecessary wars
  • Destroy foreign industry, culture, and infrastructure
  • Unleash sectarian violence
  • Take sides in civil wars
  • Fight immoral wars
  • Spread democracy at the point of a gun
  • Engage in offense and call it defense
  • Kill foreigners
  • Enforce no-fly zones in other countries
  • Fight undeclared wars
  • Torture foreigners
  • Bomb other countries
  • Maim and disable foreigners
  • Fight unjust wars
  • Launch preemptive strikes
  • Help carry out an aggressive, reckless, and belligerent U.S. foreign policy
  • Create terrorists, insurgents, and enemies of the United States

As a consequence, no one at Google ever died in vain, for a lie, for a mistake, or for the military/industrial complex.

Of course Google is better than the U.S. military, which is nothing but a global force for evil.

A lot of people seeing that still don’t understand those points. A lot of people worship the military, because of all the indoctrination they were fed throughout their growing up years and during their continuing adulthood. But I’m sure that even some militarist sheeple would admit that Laurence Vance makes some good points nevertheless.

Most people, it seems, view the U.S. government and its armed forces as gods. They react very emotionally to people who challenge their myths, their worship of the State, and their superstitions associated with those things. In fact, Larken Rose calls it The Most Dangerous Superstition.

Here is a compilation of some talks by Larken Rose on the government-worship cult that causes so many people to fall to their knees in obedience to the armed enforcers and soldiers of the evil State. Rose makes some good points, especially about how a lot of people just can’t tolerate hearing challenges to the legitimacy of their beloved State and especially its military.

A WARNING, though, on this video: It contains some graphic footage of police beating people, of dead bodies (murdered by the violence of the State) being shoveled around. So, it might be upsetting to some people. Actually it is a display of what the State really is, which should make everyone uncomfortable.

Neanderthals on the Left, Neanderthals on the Right – Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

The leftists of Antifa have gathered once again alongside the “rightists” of “Unite the Right” in Washington.

Antifa is a group of anti-capitalist, anti-freedom-of-speech, government supremacists who support control over the government to impose authoritarian, socialist controls over the people. I don’t think they describe themselves that way, but that’s my interpretation.

Anti-capitalist? How do you think your iPhone came to be? And your car if you have one, and your TV? You think socialism brought those things into existence? Nope. The free market, baby.

Besides being ignorant, the Antifa people also support using aggression and violence against innocents. Too many times now I’ve heard about Antifa people attacking and assaulting some guy with a MAGA hat even though he was being peaceful.

And the “Unite the Right” people are a group of white nationalists, neo-Confederates and Nazis or neo-Nazis.

But, as Dinesh D’Souza has claimed, the “Unite the Right” organizer, Jason Kessler, is really a leftist, given his time with Occupy Wall Street and his being an Obama supporter. So it seems to me that Kessler might be a leftist crackpot who is organizing these “Unite the Right” events in order to claim that there are more white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Amerika than there really are.

D’Souza also claims that the other major “Unite the Right” player, Richard Spencer, is a Wilsonian progressive era collectivist and a white identitarian who questions the idea of individualism and individual rights.

And I heard on Glenn Beck this morning that the Antifa crowd in Washington were shouting their demands to be heard (in their message of taking down the system, but really they went themselves to be in control over everything and everyone), yet they were attacking the news media. Literally attacking them, attempting to grab cameras away from media people, etc.

Glenn Beck was saying that they couldn’t play excerpts of some of the Antifa-screaming audio because of all the swear words. Now, if those little creeps of Antifa want to get their message out and to be taken seriously, perhaps they can consider using less profanity, perhaps behave a little more decently toward others. Sadly, many of them were probably not even potty-trained until third grade (if they ever were). Sad.

So, like Antifa’s fellow travelers in the Democrat party and the college campus hystericals, they also want to censor free expression and freedom of the Press.

But, as Joe Wolverton at the New American reports, it’s not just the extremists on the left who want to shut down non-mainstream news outlets and websites. In a recent poll, 43 % of Republicans stated that “the president should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior.” The poll doesn’t seem to define “bad behavior,” so I assume the subjects view “bad behavior” as whatever Donald Trump determines to be “bad,” or whatever the local police or military determine, as we know what devotion most obedient Rethuglicans and conservatives have for armed officials of the gubmint.

In the same poll, 23% of the Rethugs said they believe that “President Trump should close down mainstream news outlets such as CNN, the Washington Post, and the New York Times.” As I was saying in this post and this post just recently, today’s conservatives don’t really have a capacity for long-term thinking or planning.

If you give the current President, Trump, the one you like, the power to shut down news media outlets you don’t like, then the power will still be there when he leaves office, so the next tyrant that you don’t like, such as Hillary or Evita Ocasio-Cortez, will shut down your beloved Fox News, the New York Post, or the Daily Caller. But conservatives and nationalists are too busy crying over football players “disrespecting the flag” and other who-cares issues that they are really just as clueless as the ones on the left.

It’s the same thing with the conservatives and nationalists’ government Wall on the border they really believe will solve the immigration problem. When the Wall is built and your beloved Trump leaves office, down the line a worse administration will use the Wall to keep the people in, not out. “Oh, that’s absurd”? Well, we already have had Senators like Charles Schumer and his ilk installing or attempting to install an expat-enslavement law, in which those who leave the country will still owe the U.S. government part of their earnings, even though they are no longer a citizen. This is like the Fugitive Slave Act in which if a slave runs away to his freedom the ones who attempt to help him will be arrested for aiding and abetting or “harboring” a runaway slave.

But as bad as the Antifa crowd, Black Lives Matter, “Democratic Socialists,” LGBT groups and other leftist organizations are in terms of their lack of respect for the individual rights of others, for the persons and property of others and lack of general decency, the conservatives and nationalists are just as bad, in my view.

Another example of the conservatives and nationalists’ fixation in short-sightedness is their support for the U.S. government’s expansion of its apparatus and military bases overseas, and of the wars that U.S. government started in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the criminal drone strikes and murders of innocent civilians overseas. All that U.S. military aggression into other territories and murders of foreigners does is provoke the foreigners into retaliation against us. That is exactly what 9/11 was an example of.

At the time of 9/11, if anyone brought up the first war on Iraq started by George H.W. Bush in 1991 and the sanctions throughout the 1990s that caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands that led to 9/11, the conservatives and nationalists would say one is “blaming America,” and being “unpatriotic,” a “traitor,” “not supporting our President at a time of war,” and all that nonsense. That was because many people had no memory of what our military did to Iraq and the Middle East throughout the 1990s prior to 9/11, or they thought it was a good thing (!).

At a debate in South Carolina during the 2012 Presidential campaign, Ron Paul suggested that the Golden Rule in foreign policy would be the moral way and would work for us. We don’t want other governments invading and bombing our country, so we ought not have our government and military invading and bombing other countries.

But the neanderthals didn’t like hearing that. Listen to the True Believers in American Exceptionalism neanderthals “Booo” Ron Paul and his wise suggestion:

Sadly, the people on the left don’t care about the wars our government has started and the bombing and murders of innocents it continues to do overseas. All the people on the left seem to care about are race and race-baiting, gay power and transgender dysforia, climate change and free stuff for everyone.

And the people on the conservative side mainly care about their worship of the Amerikan flag, abortion, and preventing foreigners from coming into “our” country and starting businesses and employing workers.

Recent Articles

Chuck Baldwin says the American people are being played, and the Constitution is being pulverized—by both sides of this political charade.

William Anderson discusses the key word in “democratic socialism” (it’s “socialism”).

Thos Bishop says that the “net neutrality” battle was about power, not an open Internet.

Gary Galles says to understand how insurance works before debating health care policy.

Wendy McElroy on redeeming the industrial revolution.

U.K. Independent with an article on newly declassified documents detailing torture of a suspect at CIA black site operated by “Bloody Gina” Haspel.

And Jessica Corbett discusses anti-pipeline activists arrested under new First Amendment-killing anti-protest law.

The Moral Relativism It Takes to Defend the Atomic Bombings of Japan

Edward Curtin has this article on the satanic nature of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

These criminal acts by the U.S. government are continuously defended by conservative talk radio personalities and millions of their ditto-head listeners, as well as millions of liberal and conservative sheeple alike, just as they defend most of the U.S. government’s targeting and murders of innocent human beings overseas (as well as Honest Abe’s targeting and mass murders of innocents right here in good ol’ US of A). Many of them still defend the U.S. government’s invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the U.S. government’s invasion of Iraq the first time in 1991. No moral scruples there, even though the so-called conservatives are the loudest mouths in regards to “moral values.”

On the bombings in Japan, they cry, oh, the officials told us that if “we” didn’t bomb and murder 200,000 innocent human beings, then many more U.S. soldiers would have been killed. Hmmm, let’s sacrifice innocent human beings to save military soldiers. And that’s based on a prediction of what might happen if such mass murder didn’t take place. So, for the moral relativists of conservative talk radio, the end justifies the means. And they’re concerned about abortion.

Sadly, a lot of people are brainwashed after 12-16 years of government-controlled schooling, indoctrinated to worship the State as their real god. And the rulers of the State must be obeyed and believed when they tell us why we should let them send our sons and brothers, fathers and sisters off to war to die or kill others for no good reason.

And also a lot of people are short-sighted. For instance, there probably would have been no Pearl Harbor invasion had FDR not provoked the Japanese with his oil embargo, an act of war with “crippling” sanctions leading to starvation of Japanese. There would probably have been no World War II had Woodrow Wilson not gotten the U.S. involved in World War I which extended the first World War and replaced treaties that were already in the works and Wilson’s acts thus gave way to the rise of Hitler and the Nazis. And there wouldn’t have been a 9/11 had George H.W. Bush not invaded Iraq in 1991, bombed and destroyed water and sewage treatment centers and imposed sanctions causing the Iraqis to have to use untreated water leading to skyrocketing disease and the deaths of hundreds of thousands by the mid-1990s and several more hundred thousand by the year 2000.

And now, the short-sighted criminals of the U.S. government, Harry Truman, Eisenhower and all the rest with their actual use of the atomic bombs on a civilian population, has led to world-wide insecurity, fears of “crazy people in Iran and North Korea” (U.S. rulers are not crazy?) using nuclear bombs against innocents. I think the ignorant hystericals of conservative talk radio have no idea what I’m talking about here in this post.

More on the Social Media and Big Tech Stasi

Charles Burris writes:

Here are a select series of revealing articles that expose the hidden elephant in the room regarding the deep state war against alternative media crusader Alex Jones: Challenging the Lords of the Internet: A free market would defeat the would-be censorsSocial Media Is a Tool of the CIA: “Facebook, Google and Other Social Media Used to Spy on People;Google’s secret NSA alliance: The terrifying deals between Silicon Valley and the security state: Inside the high-level, complicated deals — and the rise of a virtually unchecked surveillance powerGOOGLE: Conceived, Funded and Directed By The CIA: How the CIA made Google; and Why Google Made the NSA: Inside the secret network behind mass surveillance, endless war, and Skynet

And there are also these informative articles to add:

This 2009 NYT article on all the Google execs who were a part of the Obomber administration. (Are they still there in fedgov?)

Also, this 2014 Infowars article on Facebook’s “emotional study” that was linked to the Pentacon’s Minerva Initiative, on “how to predict, prevent, manipulate, control, and even instigate mass civil unrest. It wishes to do this by developing ‘operational tools’ related to ‘social, cultural, behavioral, and political forces’,”according to Infowars.

Also a 2013 NYT article on tech companies “conceding” to make it easier for federal surveillance intruders to get users’ info. The companies didn’t include Twitter but did include “Google, which owns YouTube; Microsoft, which owns Hotmail and Skype; Yahoo; Facebook; AOL; Apple; and Paltalk, according to one of the people briefed on the discussions,” in which the companies agreed to even change their systems to satisfy the gubmint.

Also a 2015 Infowars article about Mark Zuckerberg caught on live mic saying Facebook will censor anti-migrant posts, a 2015 BoingBoing article on Facebook secretly lobbying for cybersecurity bill, an ACLU article on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter providing data access to a surveillance product marketed to target activists of color, a 2017 Zero Hedge article on Facebook promising to censor all material that makes Mark Zuckerberg sad, a 2017 WND article on Facebook colluding with the Hillary campaign.

Besides the social media, there is also this 2010 EFF article on Apple applying for a new patent for spyware to enable Apple to know how users are using or “misusing” their Apple devices and punishing those users if they do something Apple doesn’t like, and enabling Apple to collect biometric information on the user and other personal information that could be given to third parties including police, illicitly.

And a 2015 New American article on Windows 10 being malware, an “operating system that reports back to its developers supplying them with personally identifiable information about you including your name, e-mail address, postal address, phone number, passwords, password hints, age, and gender, as well as your browsing history, address book, calendar, the contents of your e-mails, and access to all your files including pictures, videos, documents, and anything else stored on your hard drive…”

Thanks, Big Tech.

Media Bias: It’s Not the “Liberal Media,” It’s the “Government Media”

Last week I had my article on the real “fake news” from government media on Activist Post. The mainstream news media, a.k.a. government media, have been the most blatant propagandists for the State now. More specifically, for the “deep state.” The deep state, or as I have been referring to, the national security state, is the permanent, unelected, unaccountable group of government employees who have sworn an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America,” even though they violate such an oath in their everyday actions.

And as Glenn Greenwald noted several times in the past week, the news media have acted as White House press releasers for war especially over the past many years now. Greenwald mentioned Jeffrey Goldberg of the New Yorker and the Atlantic. And there was also the New York Times‘ Judy Miller. And many others.

It’s all about propaganda. Shaping and manipulating the public’s perception of events, and aiding and abetting the regime’s lust for more power via war and further expansion of its apparatus, especially on foreign territories. With their propaganda, lies and stenography for the regime, the media and many private corporations helped President George H.W. Bush start a whole new war of aggression against Iraq in 1991. It was the elder Bush’s first war in Iraq and sanctions which caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians throughout the 1990s that led to 9/11.

Anyway, Greenwald also wrote in 2012 about the sickening closeness between members of the news media and government officials:

This week, (Rolling Stone) features a cover story on Obama by its contributing editor, the historian Douglas Brinkley, largely based on a 45-minute interview in the Oval Office. The questions Brinkley posed are so vapid and reverent that it is hard to believe it’s not satire.


That is what explains why the US media has been so obsequious first with George Bush and now with his Democratic successor (for those who doubt that “the liberal media” venerated Bush as much as Lewis and Brinkely do Obama, I’ll remind you of this still-remarkable, borderline pornographic display of giddy fawning on Mission Accomplished Day, or the fact that Bush’s own Press Secretary wrote a book mocking the US media for how “deferential” it was to the Bush White House). It’s why journalists joyously dance with top officials, swing on their tires, are creepily grateful when they’re sprayed in the face by their squirt guns, and play fun beach games with the very campaign officials they’re ostensibly covering.

The central function, the religion, of the US establishment media is adulation of those who wield power, especially military power as personified by the inaptly referred to “commander-in-chief”. Brinkley conducted the interview in the Oval Office from his knees because – with some significant exceptions – that’s the posture which US media culture assumes in the presence of the royal court.

Greenwald has also noted, besides the news media’s promoting war and adoring the military, their reverence of national security apparatchiks in Washington. If the NSA director or underling tells you this or that, then you take his word and report the story as the “security” official wants it told. No checking, no confirmation of facts, no investigative research necessary. No FOIA requests are necessary. After all, the gubmint now makes it take so long to get a FOIA document you might as well just go with what the official tells you.

Some examples provided by Greenwald have included Bob Schieffer kissing up to former NSA directer Michael Hayden, and Bob Shieffer hatchet-jobbing Ron Paul on foreign policy. And Scott Pelley’s “13 uninterrupted minutes of drooling propaganda” interview of Obama defense secretary Leon Panetta, how Wired manipulated chat logs to aid and abet the government’s persecution of Army whistleblower Bradley Manning, Diane Sawyer and Brian Ross’s anti-Iran fear-mongering (things haven’t changed much), and the “Washington Post and transparency: total strangers.”

And regarding the corporate aspects of the biased media, I wrote in this article,

But there may be more to this than just a possible Obama influence in the firing of Jay Leno, on the corporate side. NBC, which had been employing Leno for may years, is now fully owned by Comcast, as of March, 2013.

Apparently, Comcast employees and Comcast Corp PACs contributed over $300,000 to the Obama for President 2012 campaign, according to Infowars and But that could be the case with most big corporations. (Wait, it might be more than that.)

Also according to, “86 out of 107 Comcast Corp lobbyists in 2013 have previously held government jobs.” Talk about a revolving door. And NBC itself does have a history of acting as shills for the Obama agenda.

The talk radio people I listen to are frequently noting how the mainstream news media reporters and program hosts still discuss “Trump-Russia collusions” as fact, after all this time, when many of them know there is no evidence thus far to prove it. Chuck Todd and Wolf Blitzer are especially terrible in their propagandizing.

So, thanks to these members of the government media, a.k.a. “mainstream media,” and their dependence on “unnamed government sources,” “anonymous national security sources,” etc., and the “reporters” laziness and unwillingness to verify government assertions and do actual investigative reporting, we now have unindicted co-conspirators such as Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, James Clapper, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, and many more who are getting away with serious crimes not as much against Donald Trump but against the U.S. Constitution they all swore to support and defend, and thus the people they supposedly serve.

And all these schmucks are aided and abetted by the Big Tech social media giants who are also, as we are now seeing, government apparatchiks and servants. As Paul Craig Roberts observed recently, those who actually report the facts and tell the truth about the rulers’ criminality and corruption are being fired, censored, banned, suppressed, and sent to the gulag, here in Soviet Amerika.

Big Tech Censoring and Banning Critics of the Regime in Washington

As I have been writing for a long time now, the apparatchiks of the State, including the government media (a.k.a. “mainstream media”), don’t like their actions, their idiocy, their incompetence, their corruption and their criminality exposed. They also don’t like such things to be criticized and especially lampooned and satirized. They will go after anyone and everyone who goes against them. Jacob Hornberger has this post that describes just that now regarding the Mueller sham “investigation” of “Trump-Russia collusions” and now the trial of Paul Manafort.

It’s not all from the left, like the SJW-obsessed Big Tech companies are in their censoring Alex Jones. Although right now a lot of it is from the left. And the hypocrisy now is mainly on the left, including the New York Times‘ defending their anti-white, anti-male new tech writer Sarah Jeong, whose racist rants would have gotten her censored and banned if she were a conservative.

But the censorship is also coming from the other side, especially when it comes to those who criticize Washington’s wars, the “war on terror,” and so forth. Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute on the social media purge: Is the Mises Institute next?

Former State Department official and whistleblower Peter van Buren and radio host Scott Horton discuss their experiences with being banned from Twitter in this interview with Daniel McAdams. The discussion is especially important toward the end. Now it’s Alex Jones, tomorrow…

Sadly, Most People Are Authoritarians and Collectivists

I’ve been trying to tell it like it is here. So in this one I want to explain how most people are authoritarians and collectivists, not individualists or voluntaryists.

I don’t want to spend too much time on the people on the left. But as far as the people on the left and self-proclaimed socialists, most of them are authoritarians in their love of government central planning authority rule over the rest of us.

Regarding this “democratic socialist” stuff, sorry, it doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as “democratic socialism,” just socialism. The socialists are just putting the word “democratic” in there to make it sound nice. But socialism isn’t nice.

And it seems that when you bring up the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, and now Venezuela, it’s crickets. When the possibly future congressperson from New York, Evita Ocasio-Cortez talks about “free health care, free education,” etc., she means the government will run and control all those things.

Putting aside the practical reasons why these things will never work, the enforcement of the control and distribution of the free stuff is a police state.

Just like with the enforcement of the tax-thefts imposed by gubmint, if you don’t obey and comply with Evita’s mandates, impositions, edicts and diktats, the authorities will go after you. You must report your medical matters, as well as your private earnings and income, information that is none of your neighbor’s business and therefore is none of the bureaucrats’ business. The do-gooder “socialists” will send the armed S.W.A.T. teams of the IRS, FBI, FTC, SEC, and even the EPA after those who don’t participate in the socialists’ little games of fantasy.

“Stop resisting!”

Like many people on the “conservative” side, many on the left really just want to use the armed power of government to order others around and tell them what to do, tell them how to live their lives, and take their earnings away from them.

Evita and her fellow socialists are authoritarians, and they need to read Economics in One Lesson, by Henry Hazlitt, Anything That’s Peaceful (.pdf) by Leonard Read, The Ethics of Liberty (.pdf) and Making Economic Sense (.pdf) by Murray Rothbard, and Bureaucracy (.pdf), Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth, and Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis (.pdf) by Ludwig von Mises.

But I didn’t want to spend too much time here on the left and socialists. I really wanted to go after those who claim to be “conservative,” because they are so frustrating, hypocritical and annoying now.

America was not founded on authoritarianism and collectivism. Just the opposite. America was founded on anti-authoritarianism and individualism, and free markets and private property. The Revolutionaries were anti-authoritarians who rebelled against and separated from their British rulers. And the ideas they promoted were ideas of individualism and individual liberty that they shared with the philosophers of the Enlightenment.

But we hear the opposite of those ideas and principles from the “conservatives” and nationalists, especially the talk radio crowd, and especially when it comes to their anti-immigration rantings.

Nationalism is a form of collectivism. And when it comes to “America” and being “patriotic,” the nationalists show their true authoritarian colors. For instance, they become little snowflakes who become “triggered” and emotionally tormented if they see someone “disrespecting” the American flag or the military.

Yes, that military that invaded Iraq twice and destroyed the whole country and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands, and destroyed Afghanistan as well. So, the “conservatives” and nationalists are authoritarians. If you believe that people can’t question the legitimacy of the military’s wars of aggression against other countries, and would thus be considered “unpatriotic,” then you are an authoritarian.

Hmm, the talk radio crowed. First, I think that Sean Hannity’s non-stop coverage of the Mueller “investigation” would be different or even non-existent if it were the Bush DOJ/FBI illegally obtaining FISA warrants to spy on the 2008 Obama campaign, as we now have plenty of evidence to show the Obama DOJ/FBI did to the Trump campaign in 2016-2017. If it were the Bush DOJ/FBI allegedly attempting to make up “Obama-Russia collusions” I think that Hannity not only would be silent about such allegations but would be cheering on a Mueller special counsel investigation.

And Hannity wouldn’t be saying anything about the “deep state,” the “police state,” and so forth. Because he himself is a staunch police statist and militarist.

And I have good reason to think all that. For one, he loves Oliver North, the deep state “working out of the White House basement” military apparatchik from the Reagan years, the guy who promoted “Rex 84” “continuity of government” rounding up of innocent citizens who criticized their government.

And, according to the Daily Beast, in 2010 when Wikileaks began releasing documents exposing criminality and corruption in the U.S. military and diplomats, to do with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Hannity was calling for Julian Assange to be arrested. So get Assange for publishing “classified” documents and “waging war against the U.S.,” and for putting Americans in danger.

But now Hannity and Assange have been good buddies, because the documents WikiLeaks has been releasing have exposed Hillary Clinton corruption and Obama administration criminality.

And Hannity’s 2010 criticism of Julian Assange and Wikileaks despite the fact that no American lives were even at risk by the release of documents. So, Hannity believes propaganda when dished out by a Republican-controlled U.S. government and he believed all the post-9/11 Bush fear-mongering, but he is quick to question Obama administration propaganda. Not just an authoritarian, but a partisan authoritarian. Humph!

Regarding the conservatives’ love for the authoritarian socialist police state, whenever I have heard Hannity discussing the school shootings such as the one in Parkland, Florida, Hannity’s solution is to have “former military or police” armed security guards in every school, metal detectors, and so on. That’s all I hear. Even when it comes to letting teachers and school staff be armed if they want to be, he seems reticent. Let’s have government police and military in the schools. And how sickening to hear that his buddy the militarist Oliver North became the president of the NRA, whose main purpose is to promote civilian firearm ownership, not to promote the military.

Unfortunately with Hannity and many other conservatives we hear mostly short-sighted solutions to problems. People don’t want to know what is causing kids or young adults to go into schools on a shooting rampage in the first place? I have mentioned the psychiatric drugs. Other things that affect the youngins include phone/Internet addiction turning the kids into zombies, and processed foods.

The ones doing these shootings are almost always male. Another problem with the schools is the anti-male bias from the teachers and administrators. See Fred Reed on the pussification of boys in the schools, and see Reed on the “hostile feminocracy” in the schools.

So, besides repealing “gun-free zone” schools policies, and telling the schools and doctors to cut it out with the psychiatric drugs, rather than having “retired police and military” be armed guards in the schools, how about just letting teachers and staff carry concealed firearms if they want to. They don’t have to if they don’t want to. And no one would really know who is armed and who isn’t. Would-be shooters wouldn’t know, and they most likely wouldn’t take the risk. As I mentioned before, in the old days kids had guns in school and it wasn’t controversial, and there were no school shootings. (There was no Xanax or Zoloft either.)

I think that when Hannity mentions the idea of arming teachers, he seemed to get into how to plan that, how to have the school train them, etc. That’s not the job of the schools. Conservatives are like those on the left, things need to be centrally planned. No, just let teachers and staff be armed if they want to. It would be a random thing. There are many teachers who own guns and have had training on their own.

Like those on the left, the conservatives need things to be dictated from and controlled by the gubmint. Would they consider totally privatizing and decentralizing the government schools? Nope. They want government control. They are authoritarians.

And collectivists! This nationalism stuff with the immigration issue! Those “illegals” are “breaking into our country,” arrest businessmen who hire non-government-authorized workers! So much for private property rights. So much for individual liberty. So much for those unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those are only for citizens! (“Unalienable”?)

“They are criminals. They are violating the law!” “The law is the law.” No, immigrants are not criminals because there is no “victim,” except when some of them act criminally against others. But you see, collectivists lump all those in a category (immigrants) into one big group. For some reason, the collectivists seem incapable of separating the peaceful immigrants from the violent ones.

And no, they’re not “invading” “our” country, they’re not “breaking in,” like the whole territory is “our home.” Sorry, collectivists. There is no such thing as a common ownership of the entire territory, owned by the “citizens.” (I have addressed all those questions in this post.) Well, I am a U.S. citizen. Where is the deed that includes my name on it? I haven’t seen it. I think that property ownership is legitimate when there is a deed or title. It’s a legal thing.

So, this is a large territory made up of millions of parcels of privately owned properties. The “conservatives” just don’t get that. So they support the socialist central planning controls over immigration, even though that doesn’t work. It’s not working now, because it’s impractical as well as immoral, and it will never work. Central planners in Washington will never, ever be able to control the movements of millions of people, it is just impossible no matter how much of a police state you impose on your own fellow Americans as well as on foreigners.

But the “conservatives” live in an authoritarian, collectivist universe, in which they worship the mythology of nationalism and the mysticism of “America.”

And true believers in individualism and freedom of thought would never promote the standing for a “national anthem” or reciting a “pledge of allegiance,” which is really a pledge of obedience to the State, that sick, disgusting thing. Like the progressives and socialists, the conservatives love and worship the State.