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Was the Massachusetts Alleged Cop Killer on Psychiatric Drugs?

In Massachusetts, Gov. Charlie Baker is responding to the killing of a police officer and an elderly lady by a young troubled thug. Baker wants to bring on the death penalty for those convicted of killing police officers, but not for those convicted of killing other people. In my view, Baker is obviously joining the hysteria that follows when our “men in blue” are threatened, or when there is a mass shooting like in a school, and so on. It appears to me that Baker’s call for the death penalty is part of his pandering like most politicians. He is running for reelection, has a primary challenger, and is appealing for the endorsement of the police unions.

However, when we have something known as “equal protection under the law,” then those convicted of killing anyone should get the same sentence as anyone convicted of killing any other victim, regardless of the victim’s occupation.

“Oh, but police have dangerous jobs. They need to be protected more than the rest of us,” and so on. However, police officers aren’t even on the list of the top ten deadliest professions, quite frankly. They are behind fishermen, roofers, and trash haulers, among others.

And the death penalty is immoral, anyway. The State should not be empowered to intentionally kill anyone. In the case of convicted murderers, there have been cases of not only those falsely convicted and exonerated by witness retraction of testimony or DNA evidence, but those who were falsely prosecuted by corrupt, incompetent and immoral prosecutors who knowingly convicted or attempted to convict an innocent person.

But in the specific case that Gov. Charlie Baker is responding to, the 20-year-old suspected cop-killer and old-lady-killer, that suspect is known to have been a troubled youth for many years. He had past drug use, had been in fights in school, had attempted suicide during high school, and was involuntarily committed to a treatment center last year. He was “receiving ‘clinical stabilization services’ as an inpatient at the High Point Treatment Center,” according to the Boston Globe.

“Clinical stabilization services”? So what I want to know is, has this alleged killer been taking any of those terrible, powerful psychiatric drugs, like Zoloft or Xanax? Those SSRI antidepressants? We know that many of the mass killers in recent times had been taking those drugs, and on some occasions “cocktails” of combinations of drugs. And it very likely that Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, two celebrities who committed suicide most recently, probably were taking those psychiatric drugs.

Those psychiatric drugs, particularly the SSRI antidepressants, are known to cause or exacerbate depression and suicidal thoughts and behaviors, as well as extremely aggressive and violent actions and outbursts.

Will the news media outlets, some of whose sponsors are the pharma companies, ever drop their loyalty to the poison-dealers and report on the psychiatric drugs aspect of these violent killers?

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