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The Carter Page FBI FISA Application, and Ejecting Julian Assange from Ecuadorian Embassy

Andrew McCarthy explains the recently released FISA application by the FBI to spy on Trump campaign flunky Carter Page. The FBI knowingly used an unreliable dossier obtained by an unreliable source, British spy Christopher Steele. The FBI knowingly gave the judges FISA applications which stated, “The FBI has reviewed this verified application for accuracy in accordance with its April 5, 2001 procedures, which include sending a copy of the draft to the appropriate field office(s),” even though the FBI never verified the Steele information. And they also did not tell the judges that the Hillary campaign paid Steele for the information.

Justin Raimondo explains why not trust or believe the national security state, a.k.a. “deep state,” in its going after Carter Page and Julian Assange. The two situations are indeed related. It was Assange’s WikiLeaks that is the reason why we know the truth about a lot of the shenanigans behind the 2016 election fiascos, with the DNC, etc. And we know a lot more truth about the wars that Bush started thanks to WikiLeaks.

Justin Raimondo writes: “This is the really interesting thing about such a turn of events: predicting who will be howling for Assange’s blood and who will be demanding that he be set free. It’s the same division that’s occurring over the Russia-gate hoax: the believers (and I mean that in the religious sense) will form a mob straight out of The Lottery. The few skeptics – Tucker Carlson, Glenn Greenwald, a scattering of honest leftists, and most of us libertarians (although who knows if the Kochs will let Reason magazine come out for Assange) – will be his only defenders.”

However, at the end of his article, Justin suggests that people call the White House (and he gives the number), to tell Donald Trump that if the apparatchiks of the national security state bring Assange here to the U.S. and charge him with … with … (whatever), that Trump should pardon Assange. I don’t know about calling the White House or Congress, etc. I don’t think they really listen to the “commoners” – mainly Trump listens to his adored militarist generals and other droolers of the national security state (like Mike Pompeo). Sad.

And Glenn Greenwald writes about what might come next following a possible ejection from the Ecuadorian embassy of Julian Assange. Greenwald gets into the possible prosecution of news media outlets, such as the New York Times, for publishing “classified” information that was released by WikiLeaks. If you’re going to prosecute WikiLeaks then you’ll have to be consistent. And it isn’t “classified” information that people will be persecuted by the gubmint for, they will be persecuted and imprisoned and hanged for their embarrassing the bureaucrats by exposing the bureaucrats’ criminality, their incompetence and buffoonery, and their corruption.

The First Amendment protects the right of the people to speak, publish, openly criticize the gubmint, reveal the rulers’ crimes, the rulers’ incompetence and buffoonery and corruption.

The reason the national security state went after The Donald was because during the campaign (and in the years leading up to the campaign), Trump openly criticized the bureaucrats, the warmongers, the wars that Bush started — and the apparatchiks did NOT like it! Neither did all their followers, groupies, hangers-on, word-for-word journalist repeaters, stenographers, media WH press-releasers, think-tank pseudo-intellectuals, low-IQ witch-hunters, and other parasites. Most of them would be sweeping floors at the mall if it were not for the income tax and the bureaucracy in Washington that uses it to redistribute the earnings of the workers of society over to those parasites.

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