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Race-Obsessed Higher “Education”

People on the radio are arguing over the Trump administration’s wanting to eliminate affirmative action policies from the colleges and universities. Good! At least there’s something good they’re doing, or thinking of doing. “Diversity” programs (i.e. making sure there are certain numbers of black people, certain numbers of Hispanic, but not necessarily white or Asian), are not supposed to be why we have higher education.

In this article, economics professor Walter Williams discusses the results of affirmative action programs in higher education, how they have caused black students who were not proficient or skilled enough to be admitted to universities but were admitted anyway, which only hindered their success in many cases.

Dr. Williams notes:

In the early 1990s, the Law School Admission Council collected 27,000 law student records, representing nearly 90 percent of accredited law schools. The study found that after the first year, 51 percent of black law students ranked in the bottom tenth of their class, compared with 5 percent of white students. Two-thirds of black students were in the bottom fifth of their class. Only 10 percent of blacks were in the top half of their class. Twenty-two percent of black students in the LSAC database hadn’t passed the bar exam after five attempts, compared with 3 percent of white test takers.

And regarding the students’ earlier education:

The K-12 education that most blacks receive is grossly fraudulent. Most predominately black schools are costly yet grossly inferior to predominately white schools and are in cities where blacks hold considerable political power, such as Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago and Philadelphia. In these and other cities, it’s not uncommon for there to be high schools where less than 17 percent of the students test proficient in reading, and often not a single student in such schools tests proficient in math. Nonetheless, many receive high school diplomas

Dr. Williams asks if this agenda may have been intentional.

The fact that black students have low class rankings at such high-powered law schools as Penn doesn’t mean that they are stupid or uneducable. It means that they’ve been admitted to schools where they are in over their heads. To admit these students makes white liberals feel better about themselves. It also helps support the jobs of black and white university personnel in charge of diversity and inclusion. The question for black people is whether we can afford to have the best of our youngsters demeaned, degraded and possibly destroyed to make white liberals feel better about themselves.

So it seems that what matters to the education bureaucrats is to admit black students regardless of abilities, because it makes the admission board members feel good. Hmm, they must have extremely low self-esteem if they have to exploit young students of color based on the students’ skin color, to boost the college bureaucrats’ own feelings of self-worth.

And now look at the colleges today. Gender studies, women’s studies, race and gender, gender and race, blah, blah, blah, and we see that these “academics” are obsessed with race and gender, and LGBT issues. Can you imagine how things would be now if there were no taxpayer-funding of colleges and universities? Those aforementioned educrats and crazy professors would probably not have those jobs, jobs which actually wouldn’t even exist.

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