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PC Government Media the Racist Pots Calling the Kettle Black

David Gornoski has this post on how the “PC media,” a.k.a. mainstream media, a.k.a. government media, projects their racism onto Ron Paul. It appears that a staff member of Dr. Paul placed a (what some people believe to be) racist cartoon in a tweet by Dr. Paul.

What Gornoski points out is that Dr. Paul has spent a lifetime opposing the racist drug war (in which a much higher proportion of minorities are put in prison for drug-related “offenses”), opposing the wars and bombings of predominantly Muslim countries, and opposing collectivism in all forms. Racism is a form of collectivism. But the government media have not spent any time at all condemning the wars, the drug war, and so on.

Gornoski writes that “Politically correct media is a minority oppressing cartoon – shilling for inflation-financed wars and a nanny state backed by imprisonment and fines. These media-enabled policies harm minorities and the poor the most.”

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