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Is the Tea Party Dead?

Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams interview Matt Kibbe, formerly of Freedom Works, who considers himself a “community organizer” for the libertarian movement. Kibbe asserts that the Tea Party is officially dead. I think this is the Reason article that was mentioned. And they discuss the question of who killed the Tea Party. (I have addressed that question here¬†and here, among other places. Disregard my incorrect prediction of a 2016 Hillary win in the 2nd link, the rest of the post makes my important points.)

Early in the discussion, and then later on, they mention their mutual mentor, Hans Sennholz (1922-2007), a Grove City College professor and promoter of Austrian economics. Ron Paul says that an important part of the Tea Party movement should be an emphasis on the Federal Reserve. Here is Ron Paul’s book, End the Fed.

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