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Anti-Foreigner Police State Criminality vs. Property Rights and Freedom

Besides being a self-destructive dog chasing and biting its own tail with the anti-American anti-free trade central planning idiocy with trade restrictions and tariffs, Donald Trump is also an extreme ignoramus on the immigration issue. I’ve written on that several times.

In this Market Watch article, Caroline Baum points out some fallacies in Trump’s thinking (if you call it “thinking”). For instance, Baum states that immigrants are more entrepreneurially motivated than U.S. citizens.

Immigrants are twice as likely to start a business as native-born Americans, for example. Forty-three percent of the 2017 Fortune 500 companies were founded or co-founded by a first- or second-generation immigrant, according to the Center for American Entrepreneurship. Those 216 companies generated $5.3 trillion of revenue and employed 12.1 million workers worldwide last year, according to the CAE.

In other words, in their role as entrepreneurs, immigrants are providing employment opportunities for Americans — high-paying jobs at established companies — not stealing jobs from American workers.

After listening to Trump and his nationalist-collectivist ignorant claptrap over the years, repeated word for word by the talk radio ditto-heads, I really believe that Trump and his obediently blind followers couldn’t care less about the actual facts of the matter when it comes to immigrants. With them it’s all emotional and no rationality whatsoever. It has to do with hating foreigners, needing to obstruct the lives and take opportunities away from the outsiders, the “other” (“they’re invading our country,” etc.). For them, the whole of the U.S. is an exclusive private club, and to get membership you have to “wait in line” and follow the rules (the Soviet-bureaucracy rules, that is), and so on.

No, people, you don’t wait in line for freedom. There are no authoritarian government “rules” to have to obey to find a better life for yourself and your family. Just don’t steal, don’t defraud, don’t use aggression against others. Duh.

These anti-foreigner, anti-immigrant ignoramuses on the radio I listen to on a daily basis (that I listen to because I’m obviously a masochist), they don’t care about freedom in America or prosperity, and live and let live which is what America used to be all about. And Donald Trump spoon-feeds them with all this nationalist crap.

The talk radio idiots would rather see a police state criminally detaining innocent immigrant families than see a foreigner open up a business in their community. And these “conservative” moralists should shut up about the “police state” with the Mueller-FBI witch hunt after Trump, as well. If it were the Bush DOJ/FBI going after the Obama campaign, the ditto-heads on talk radio would probably remain silent, and in fact they would probably cheer on that witch hunt. And I’m mainly talking about Rush Limbaugh, Howie Carr and Jeff Kuhner being the worst of them. You’ve probably heard Kuhner filling in for Michael Savage, and now you can catch him on Kuhner sounds like one of those crazy Sesame Street muppet characters.

These guys are good with other issues, such as climate change and ObamaCare. But on this nationalism stuff, they’re off the rails, in the same way the hystericals on the Left are “triggered” by un-PC words at the crazy college campuses. I’m really getting sick of it. And they should shut up about “group identity politics” as well. Just like the totalitarians on the Left, these guys with their group identity politics on the immigration/nationalism issue!

If only we could get rid of all immigration laws, which are not authorized by the U.S. Constitution anyway, and in fact abolish the centralized bureaucracies in D.C. and decentralize this thing called “America,” now realistically “Amerika.” Restore private property rights and freedom of association. Private property borders trump government borders!

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