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Why Do Millennials Want Socialism?

Lawrence McQuillan on the Independent Institute’s blog writes about polls in which millennials today favor socialism and communism as their favored socioeconomic system, like 51% of them. Well, the main reason why 51% of them oppose and only 42% support capitalism is because most of them are just plain ignorant of what capitalism and socialism actually are, and ignorant of actual history of actual historical events which prove why one system is better and the other is not.

One reason for the ignorance is that the government schools don’t teach the youngins about actual history, and instead are tax-funded propaganda factories, indoctrinating and shaping the young people to resent and envy the success of others and to covet the fruits of others’ successes. Some cases in point to show the results of the socialist indoctrination centers include the anti-Amazon “head tax” in Seattle that is now gone and the “millionaires’ tax” in Massachusetts that was already struck down.

The bottom line on that is that bureaucrats are parasites who just can’t steal enough of other people’s wealth and earnings.

There is a difference between funding for the homeless or other social programs voluntarily and funding them coercively and involuntarily. Why do today’s social activists insist on the involuntary taking from others to exercise charitable initiatives? They can easily raise funds for worthy causes with voluntary contributions.

My answer to that is that many of the schemes that the social activists come up with are unworthy schemes (just peruse any item of legislation from your city council or state legislature, or Congress), that would or could never get funding voluntarily. Coercion and force and the threat of the gubmint siccing its armed and badged goons after people is the only way to fund unworthy schemes.

And at the same time that government schools indoctrinate the young, the schools work to instill a duty to conform to the majority consensus, and the authoritarian teachers stifle and punish the intellectual curiosity and independence impulses of the youngins and discourage individualism. This is why we have the intolerant snowflakes and cultural Marxists we have today. And the brainwashed flag-wavers and authoritarian nationalists on that side as well are products of government school indoctrination.

McQuillan also mentioned the many “socialist” candidates now on the ballots of several states for public offices and for elected judgeships. God help us all, if there is a god.

Sadly, many of the young just don’t know what actual capitalism is, and they don’t know that socialism and communism have “brought more human suffering and death to the world than any other socioeconomic system,” as Lawrence McQuillan explained in his article.

Just look at the suffering in Venezuela. The socialist Maduro government seized the means of food production and distribution away from private ownership and control, and now we have shortages, long lines, and mass starvation.

In stark contrast, just look at the grocery stores in the U.S. Mostly well-stocked shelves, many, many choices and no real long lines. Certainly no lines going around the block. Yes, this is what the free market has wrought. This is a result of private ownership of the means of food production and distribution in the U.S.

Yet, the resentful, the envious and the covetous don’t care about this actual empirical evidence that supports the benefits of freedom, free markets and the private ownership of the means of production.

And as I have mentioned in my most recent posts, the anti-free market, anti-immigration nationalists who want the government to control the lives of foreigners as well as employers and others within the U.S., are themselves socialists. The whole scheme of government central planning immigration controls are a socialist scheme, thoroughly anti-free market.

Actual freedom goes with the concepts of self-ownership, non-aggression, private property and free markets. You make use of your own body and labor, your intellectual and physical labor, your own capital and earnings and property, and you sell your labor or products or services to anyone you want, or buy whatever you want from anyone you want, it’s your choice. In freedom you aren’t required to get the government’s permission for any of those things, you don’t report your own private matters to the government, and the government doesn’t steal from you your earnings or your own wealth.

And there are some people who have been falsely led to believe that capitalism “enslaves” people, such as the employer “owns” the workers. Yes, some people really believe that.

But in my 2013 post on capitalism, I wrote,

“Owning people” doesn’t fit into capitalism. “Owning people” is what the State does under socialism. If by “capitalism” you mean “free market capitalism,” then the “capitalists” do not “own” — nor can claim any kind of ownership of — their workers, their employees. In actual free-market capitalism, no one is forced to have any association with or to do any labor for any employer one doesn’t want to work for. In free-market capitalism, your contracts with other associates or your employers are voluntary, and you are free to go work elsewhere if you don’t like that employer. In a free system, you own yourself.

Claiming actual ownership of others is the enslavement of them. And that’s what socialism does, by the State’s (regardless of its using the rhetorical guise “the public”) seizing ownership of industries, wealth and “the means of production,” which includes the people. The people are the most important amongst the means of production.

In that 2013 post I mentioned some informative articles and books to check out, such as Capitalism and the Free Market by Sheldon Richman. And also The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality by Ludwig von Mises (And the anti-immigration crowd fit into this kind of mentality, quite frankly.), Making Economic Sense by Murray Rothbard (.pdf), Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy by Joseph Schumpeter, and Markets Not Capitalism by Charles W. Johnson and Gary Chartier (Intro and TOC).

Also, read Soak the Poor and Taxation is Robbery by Frank Chodorov, and the classic Economics in One Lesson, by Henry Hazlitt.

If only the education system weren’t socialized, with the gubmint seizing control over the education of the young, and with education under the control of central planning bureaucrats, federal, state and local. If we only had education freedom and a free market in education, there would definitely be less ignorance among the young. And without a doubt they would know what socialism and capitalism really are, and would not choose socialism, that’s for sure.

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