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The Immoral Anti-Immigration “Law” Bureaucrats and Enforcer Thugs

I wish I had more time to be able to write these posts. Yesterday’s post was longer than I had intended, and I don’t even know if I covered everything. The bottom line on this immigration issue, for me, is that central planning doesn’t work. Not in national security, health care, caring for the environment, immigration, whatever. But the people who are loving the Trump anti-foreigner stuff LOVE central planning in immigration. “Send them all back!” they scream. Bring on the police state, even though the ICE goons are going after American citizens. Yay! We hate outsiders, we hate foreigners is their message. Especially these talk radio ditto-heads. They are True Believers in American Exceptionalism, and true believers in Washington’s central planning controls that don’t work. They are just really dumb, or are extremely intellectually dishonest (or both).

Don Boudreax has a terrific post on Cafe Hayek regarding the difference between “law” and “legislation.” The law is mainly what would be common sense in a civilized society such as don’t steal, don’t defraud and don’t use aggression. Duh. But legislation are arbitrary rules, some or many of which have no sense and the enforcement of which actually violates the lives and liberty of innocent, peaceful people. But there are many ignorant statists who believe that “The law is the law, and that’s that,” like we heard from the moron Jeff Sessions the attorney general thug. (Unlike that neanderthal thug who is alleged to be the chief “law enforcement officer,” Ron Paul on the other hand understands the difference between law and legislation in his recent column suggesting that innocent people whose lives and persons are violated by TSA goons should sue the TSA for assault.)

As long as immigrants are acting peacefully (see Leonard E. Read: Anything That’s Peaceful .pdf) and haven’t violated the persons or property of others, then morally (and should be legally) you leave them the hell alone! There’s something wrong with the authoritarian collectivist nationalists like the crackpot ditto-heads who don’t see it that way.

And by the way, the biggest reason that the immigrants from Central America and Mexico (and elsewhere) are running up to the U.S. to escape tyranny, drug lords and sex traffickers is the DRUG WAR! Let’s end the drug war and we won’t have nearly as many people trying to get here. Oh wait, the talk radio ditto-heads and Donald Trump are vicious drug warriors and they don’t want to end that. They’re like the dog chasing its own tail and then biting it!

And regarding my saying that this anti-immigration policy is a “socialist” policy, notice how the ICE thugs are arresting innocent, peaceful people at their JOBS, people who are actually working and being productive people. Why don’t the enforcers arrest the “illegal” immigrant people at the welfare offices, if that’s a major complaint about the immigrants getting on welfare? (It’s because socialists like the bureaucrats and their enforcers who hate foreigners and love power don’t care about welfare parasites, because they themselves are welfare parasites, tax-eaters, living off the labor and productivity of others to do their “enforcing” against innocent, peaceful people.

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