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The Drone Strike Initiators Are Feeling Bad About Killing Innocent People?

It appears that the CIA and military drone warriors, the ones who actually operate the murder drones from their offices, are suffering from PTSD. They are “traumatized” by their sending drone bombers over Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria or Pakistan to drop bombs on wedding parties and funerals. So traumatized, in fact, according to the New York Times article, that they often experience “a surge of adrenaline, as analysts in the room exchanged high-fives.”

But with one of the drone murderers, the “distress began with headaches, night chills, joint pain. Soon, more debilitating symptoms emerged — waves of nausea, eruptions of skin welts, chronic digestive problems.” Good. You mean, I should have sympathy for these guys?

One of those guys had seen doctors who couldn’t come up with a diagnosis for those symptoms. Hmm, how about a severe case of guilty conscience? Ya think? (Except for those killers in which the military intentionally suppresses their consciences, however.)

But the NYT article does mention that the drone murderers are suffering stress and anguish for moral reasons:

…“moral injury” began to appear more frequently in the literature on the psychic wounds of war, but with a slightly different meaning. Where Shay emphasized the betrayal of what’s right by authority figures, a new group of researchers expanded the focus to include the anguish that resulted from “perpetrating, failing to prevent or bearing witness to acts that transgress deeply held moral beliefs,” as a 2009 article in the journal Clinical Psychology Review proposed. In other words, they defined it as a wound sustained when soldiers wading through the fog of war betrayed themselves, through harmful acts they perpetrated or watched unfold. This definition took shape against the backdrop of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, chaotic conflicts in which it was difficult to distinguish between civilians and insurgents, and in which the rules of engagement were fluid and gray.

Perhaps the killers hired by evil government also have some intuitive sense of who the real aggressors are in these wars. After all, Iraqis, Afghans, Yemenis, and Syrians didn’t come over here and invade the U.S. and bomb our cities and towns, murdering innocents. No, it was the U.S. government and military who invaded and who have been bombing those countries for 25 years, since well before 9/11. If you really believe that all these wars overseas that were started by the U.S. government is “retaliation” for 9/11, then you’ve been duped.

Regarding distinguishing between civilians and “insurgents,” the Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama and his minions came up with the “Kill Lists,” in which various known “militants” names were placed on the list, to be targeted by the Obama and now Trump killer drones, sans due process of course. However, to make it easier for them to distinguish, the masters in Washington determined that “all military-age males” were to be considered “militants,” and murdering any one of them was allowable.

Regardless of who’s on the “Kill List,” 90% of those killed by the drone strikes are civilians, not even those labeled “militants.”

You see, when one country’s military (the U.S.) goes and invades another country — a war of aggression and thus criminal as defined by the Nuremberg tribunal — shouldn’t you expect the inhabitants of the targeted territory to fight back? But, as long as the government propaganda machine calls them “militants,” I guess you can get away with it.

I know, a lot of people in the U.S. don’t see it that way, because they have been so propagandized and bamboozled into believing the crap that George W. Bush (and his father 10 years earlier), and Obama and Trump have been feeding the American sheeple — and yes, it’s been a brainwashing for the masses.

But one thing has changed now since the Obama years of drone-killing-innocents. A U.S. judge has allowed a lawsuit to go forth by a U.S. citizen against the regime because he was placed on the “Kill List.” However, the judge, Rosemary Collyer, did not allow other lawsuits by non-U.S. citizens, because apparently, only U.S. citizens are allowed due process. She wants to say that that is an American thing, and that the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights only applies to Americans.

But no, that is not true. The rights listed in the Bill of Rights are not rights that the government gives to people, based on their citizenship status or whatever. Many ignorant people believe that, unfortunately.

The Bill of Rights lists some of the rights that ALL human beings have inherently. Unalienable rights, according to the Declaration of Independence. The rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. The right to due process, the right to presumption of innocence, the right to require accusers to present evidence against the accused to prove accusations and the right of the accused to refute evidence or testimony to defend oneself, especially against false accusations. It’s basic.

The Bill of Rights lists rules that the government must follow as a means of protecting the natural rights that all human beings have. The government may not violate ANYONE’s natural rights to life and liberty.

It’s really too bad that U.S. government drone murderers have a guilty conscience and it’s keeping them awake at night. And yes, they are “murderers” because they are targeting and killing innocent people. “War” is no excuse.

So, it’s not only Orwellian to put someone’s name on a list to be killed without trial or due process. It’s murder, and evil. But many people still think that’s justified and they rationalize such government criminality based on ignorance and brainwashing. Honestly, the simple-minded and childish prattle I hear on conservative talk radio to justify the criminal Bush-Obama-Trump war policies. And they’re the ones who complain about the absence of due process with Donald Trump being framed by the national security state and the witch-hunting government media repeating the “intelligence” community’s assertions with no evidence to back it up.

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