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Socialism Gives Us the Police State

In my previous post I made reference to “the gubmint siccing its armed and badged goons after people,” which sounds like the police state to me. Well, the police state coincides much more with socialism than with free-market capitalism. And I’m clarifying free-market capitalism as distinguished from State capitalism or crony capitalism, which probably wouldn’t exist without the coercive tax-thefts we have had in place especially since 1913.

One example of the police state associated with socialism is the education system, which has been socialized, seized and controlled by the government. If parents instead want to homeschool their kids, they must get government approval of their plans and their curriculum. What if the parents don’t get government approval and they homeschool the kids anyway? The local bureaucrats will sic the police on the parents. And there are truancy laws. The parents must send the kids off to government schools or to government-approved private schools. If the parents don’t send the kids to school, what happens to them? The local bureaucrats sic the police on them and arrest them. All that is a police state. It is not a free market in education. It is not education freedom. It is not freedom, period.

Another example is the TSA. Airport security has been socialized by the government, in its exploitative and neanderthal reaction to 9/11. By law, all airport security screeners must be federal employees (i.e. parasites). In contrast to this police state at the airports, if security were run by the airlines themselves in the free market, their private security agents and screeners would not get away with sexually molesting innocent people or assaulting them, and would be accountable under the rule of law. Government employees such as TSA or police are not accountable under the rule of law because the government IS the law.

The drug war is also an example of socialism and the socialist police state, not the free market. The government tells you what you may or may not ingest into your own body, and punishes you with violence if you disobey. In the drug war, the government seizes ownership of your body. Otherwise, if you own your own body you have the freedom to put into it whatever you want, but you are responsible for the consequences of your own decisions and actions. In the socialist drug war, the police state occurs when disobeying the government’s diktats against buying, selling or possessing certain things the government says you may not buy, sell or possess.

The free market — that is, sans government prohibition — causes prices to be lower and thus the incentive to push or traffic in drugs for profit is just not there. The higher prices on the black market that create those incentives are caused by government prohibition of drugs.

Why can’t bureaucrats and social activists just leave people the hell alone? Why do these people need to sic government police on innocent people?

Throughout the United States of America, many social activists — from the do-gooders on the left to the religionists and flag-wavers on the right — get their state and federal legislators and city councilors to make new laws to force the people to do this or that, or to prohibit the people from doing this or that, “under penalty of law.” Meaning, if you disobey their diktats they will sic the gubmint police after you. If something is punished by a fine and you don’t pay it, you will be arrested. Petty theft, as well as examples of abduction, involuntary imprisonment and government endangerment of innocent people.

My point is, the apparatus of legislating in which disobedience causes an innocent person to be criminally assaulted and caged is an apparatus of socialism. In a free market, the individual owns one’s own person and justly acquired property and all associations, transactions, interactions are voluntary. The basic rules of society are don’t steal or defraud, and don’t use aggression against others. Instead, what we have now in socialist Amerika is the police state. Not good.

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