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Pardon Michael Milken and All Other Innocent Victims of the State’s Crusades

According to Bloomberg, treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House advisor and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner are advocating for a Presidential pardon for Michael Milken, who was known as the “junk bond king” and pleaded guilty for securities and reporting violations but was not convicted of the “insider trading” witch hunt that then-U.S. attorney for New York Rudy Giuliani viciously led. Ironically, Giuliani is now a part of the group advocating on behalf of a Milken pardon, mainly because Milken supposedly had helped Giuliani to get rid of his prostate cancer which Milken himself had also survived.

Bloomberg notes that “until now presidents have declined requests to embrace a man who came to be viewed as a symbol of greed on Wall Street.” Well, there may or may not have been greed on Milken’s part. But whatever dealings he may have been a part of, it probably wasn’t criminal. And as I have noted in this article, “insider trading” is not a real crime. It’s just another made-up “crime” that government bureaucrats came up with to persecute people who make money the honest way: voluntarily, not through coercion including the coercive arm of the State, and by being productive.

Unlike most people in the market and in business, the parasites in government exercise their greed the involuntary way: through living high off the hog from tax dollars that are seized from the people’s earnings and bank accounts. Why do you think the area in and around the Washington, D.C. area is the wealthiest in the country?

And the judge in the 1990 Milken case, Judge Kimba Wood, is now overseeing the Michael Cohen case. Cohen is Trump’s former personal lawyer, who (based on what I’ve read about him) seems to be a corrupt sleazebag. But regarding Judge Kimba Wood, as I wrote in this post,

The Mueller investigation came up with nothing against Trump so they went after Trump associates Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn and other associates. And now they are harassing Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen to try to find any possible evidence of any technical violations of non-crimes or whatever they can find and make up. I’m sure “insider trading” will come up, as with Martha Stewart based on criminally corrupt government prosecutors’ socialist envy and hatred of capitalism and their hatred of private sector entrepreneurs, and as the feds also did in their persecution of Joseph Nacchio of Qwest in Nacchio’s refusal to act as an NSA stasi against his innocent customers. Government sucks.

Judge Kimba Wood, the “Love Judge,” is the judge who ordered Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen to reveal the names of other clients, whether or not they were involved with Donald Trump. During the 1980s, she presided over the Michael Milken trial, in which Milken was railroaded by the New York U.S. attorney thug Rudy Giuliani. Prior to being an evil judge, Wood’s field of expertise was anti-capitalism known as “antitrust” law. These government apparatchiks hate the market, the free market and voluntary exchange in which bureaucrats don’t get to stick their fat noses into the people’s private business.

Robert Wenzel of Economic Policy Journal notes the possible Milken pardon and brought up Murray Rothbard’s 1989 article about the Milken case. In Michael R. Milken vs. the Power Elite, Rothbard pointed out how John Kenneth Galbraith, Donald Trump and David Rockefeller had one thing in common: “hatred of making money and of ‘capitalist greed’,” in their criticism of Michael Milken at the time. Rothbard wrote, “People like Rockefeller or Trump are not appalled, quite obviously, at high incomes per se; what appalls them is making money the old-fashioned way, i.e., by high personal wages or salaries. In other words, through labor income.”

You see, as Rothbard further details, the Rockefellers were the ones who were dishonestly greedy in their turning to the redistribution schemes of the federal government to bail them out when their corporations were being run by incompetent managers or when consumers rejected them. In their collusions with bureaucracy and force and with government taxation-thefts of private wealth, Big Banks and Big Finance helped Wall Street fat cats to remain fat cats, and to keep those at the bottom of the economic ladder at the bottom, with the State’s fiat money printing, regulations, fees and restrictions.

Rothbard explained how Milken’s “greed” i.e. productivity helped others,

People like Michael Milken perform a vitally important economic function for the economy and for consumers, in addition to profiting themselves. One would think that economists and writers allegedly in favor of the free market would readily grasp this fact. In this case, they aid the process of shifting the ownership and control of capital from inefficient to more efficient and productive hands—a process which is great for everyone, except, of course, for the inefficient Old Guard elites whose proclaimed devotion to the free markets does not stop them from using the coercion of the federal government to try to restrict or crush their efficient competitors.

What we have had for a long time are prosecutors who have been life-long government bureaucrats i.e. parasites living off the labor of the workers and producers of society, via tax-thefts, prosecuting and persecuting innocent entrepreneurs in the private sector who actually serve the consumers. Government parasites such as Giuliani went after Milken, James Comey went after Martha Stewart, and you can just look at the whole team of Robert Mueller who are going after Donald Trump on behalf of the parasitic national security state. They’re all still around, ooozing and slithering in Washington and causing trouble.

And don’t forget the evil Carmen Ortiz who went after the young entrepreneur Aaron Swartz, driving him to, allegedly, commit suicide.

Those in the government “justice” branch, and the crony capitalists such as Trump, the Rockefellers and Romneys of society, and many on the Left have what Ludwig von Mises called an “anti-capitalistic mentality.” I think a lot of it comes from envy, covetousness, and a lack of appreciation for the concept of “live and let live,” sadly.

I wish the people on the Left out there, who think they hate “greedy capitalists,” could see the State for what it is. It is a vicious monster that crushes freedom whenever it can, steals as much wealth from the people over whom it illicitly rules, and persecutes those who are successful at independently making something of themselves without the “help” of their betters in government.

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