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Month: June 2018

Supreme Court Rules on Case of Baker Refusing to Bake a Cake for Gay Couple

The Supreme Bureaucrats have once again shown what a bunch of gutless wonders they are. They have ruled on a “baker refusing to bake a cake for gay wedding” case.

I didn’t read through the whole opinion, but I heard discussions about it on various talk shows and Nina Totenberg’s report on NPR. (Is she still there?)

From what I heard, Justice Anthony Kennedy’s (Is he still there?) opinion criticized the Colorado Civil Rights Commission for its anti-religion, anti-Christian sentiment against the Christian baker. Kennedy et al. seemed to take the case mainly to reprimand the Colorado bureaucracy for not being “inclusive” enough, as the opinion sounded like it was laced with SJW crapola throughout.

But the gutless wonders didn’t really address the “civil rights” laws in question, or the property rights and freedom of association rights of the baker involved in any real way.

The 7-2 opinion, with liberal Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor dissenting, left the important constitutional principles up in the air, with no actual issue being clarified in any way. Two other liberals on the high court, Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan joined the conservative majority.

And the Bureaucrats didn’t address the questions of whether business owners have a right to refuse serving customers, or a right to refuse to do extra labor to serve others, involuntarily. Those are the main questions here.

Regardless of what the Civil Rights Act of 1964 says, yes, free people do have a right to associate with, do business with, establish contracts with, anyone they want to, as long as it’s voluntary. And they also have a right to NOT associate with, NOT do business with, NOT establish contracts with, anyone they DON’T want to. This is because the business in question is privately owned. The owner owns one’s own life, one’s own person, one’s labor, and one’s business or property. Privately owned businesses are not owned by the government, they are not owned by the community, they are not owned by one’s neighbors.

The problem with the Civil Rights Act is that it should only have addressed public property, government-run operations such as the schools, the buses and subways, the parks, etc. Everyone is a part of the “public” and has a right of access to those things. (I know, it should not be that way in a free society, gubmint should not control schools or transportation, but that’s the way it is right now.)

But the Civil Rights Act included privately owned businesses, which made them no longer privately owned (only on paper). Hotels, restaurants, diners, and other like businesses were considered “public accommodations,” so therefore, to the anti-liberty illogic of the U.S. Congress, all of the “public” had a right of access, regardless of what the owners-on-paper wanted.

But now, EVERY business, regardless of its privately-owned status, is a “public accommodation,” including bakeries, photography businesses, and so on. And also now, “Civil Rights” goes beyond just skin color and race, and one’s sex or religious views, but now it includes the “sexual orientation” and “transgender” protected groups.

So the cowardly, ignorant Supreme Bureaucrats are so afraid of recognizing an individual’s right to pick and choose with whom to do business and for any reason, and so afraid of appearing “anti-LGBT,” they came up with this confused ruling (that nevertheless sided with the Christian bakers).

The LGBT activists are getting ready to go to more bakeries, photographers, and florists to threaten with lawsuits to extort money from them, as well as drag the businesspeople’s lives through the courts. And this, even though if refused service the activists will very easily be able to go to other bakeries, photographers, and florists to do work for them, which is what most of the “victims” in these cases were still able to easily do anyway. But the activists felt it important to ruin lives in the name of legally forcing others to show acceptance of their lifestyle.

The LGBT activists’ narcissistic compulsion to force others to accept their lifestyle is what motivates them in these cases. And we can safely conclude that based on most of the people in these cases being able to find plenty of other businesses in their area who will serve their needs, bake them a same-sex wedding cake, take pictures at their wedding, etc.

The bottom line for me: Either the private business people have a right to not do business with anyone and for any reason, or the ones who are refused have a right to force the business people to do extra labor to serve them, involuntarily. That is the choice.

Government Central Planning and the Deep State

Sheldon Richman documents how government interventionism causes further problems, which leads to further government interventions, which cause further problems. In the case of that particular article, the current state of Israel was created by way of government interventionism, and it wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for previous government interventions. The Middle-Eastern conflicts over many decades now wouldn’t have been nearly as bad otherwise. Central planning controls always wreak havoc on a society.

Charles Burris has a post on the “deep state,” that he says is also known as the “secret government,” or the “invisible government,” but which I have said is pretty much the same thing as the “national security state.”

Jacob Hornberger has another post on the assassinations of the Kennedys. To this day, many of the American sheeple still can’t comprehend the possibility that the CIA would assassinate their own leader. (I know some people don’t like my use of the word, “sheeple.” But, if the shoe fits…)

Robert Higgs says that nations don’t gain or lose from trade, individual traders do. (Sadly, collectivist reactionaries like Donald Trump don’t get that.)

And Barry Brownstein discusses 3 myths of socialism debunked by Venezuela’s nightmare.


The Mueller Fishing Expedition Conspiracy Continues

This ongoing Mueller sham investigation fishing expedition is really so annoying now, and the mainstream media i.e. government media continue to do their news and discussion in terms of “Russia-Trump collusions” and/or “Russia hacking the election.” I’m sick of it. The NSA director Mike Rogers, James Comey and James Clapper all testified before the Intelligence (sic) Committees that they had not seen any evidence of the aforementioned collusions or election hacking. And Senators who are part of those committees such as Dianne Feinstein told media they had not seen any evidence. There was no evidence of any crime at the very beginning of all this, only emails that were leaked to WikiLeaks and Trump campaign flunkies meeting with foreigners, which campaigns do all the time, and it’s not illegal. FISA warrants were obtained unlawfully by the FBI/DOJ lying to the judge and withholding critical information to get the FISA requests approved. The “collusions” and “hacking or stealing the election” accusations were all based on made-up assertions by those members of the government and the government media who hate Trump and didn’t want to see him be President. The investigation was started not because evidence existed that indicated a crime was committed, but because  members of the “intelligence (sic) community” and the government media hated Trump and wanted to take him down as President. So the process for frame-ups and entrapments thus begun.

And that’s my take on all that. And I’m not a Trump supporter. He’s wrong on trade, immigration, foreign policy, and just about everything else.

Anyway, Zero Hedge has this article on the “London-to-Langley spy (on Trump campaign) ring,” with its roots in the Obama administration. And John Solomon of The Hill has this article attempting to connect some more dots regarding the London connection and the informants/spies we’ve been hearing about just recently. And I’ve already linked to this “collusion against Trump” timeline by Sharyl Attkisson, but I’ll link to it again anyway.

I don’t expect the DOJ under the corrupt moron Jeff Sessions to do anything about all this, and the #2 in charge of the Russia investigation Rod Rosenstein is one of those hacks who signed on to the unlawful FISA warrants. So if Congress doesn’t get moving on its own investigations of the conspiracy against Trump, and if the Democrats take over Congress in November, then these crooks, Rosenstein, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, James Clapper, John Brennan, Sally Yates, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and more, will get away with their conspiracy and Trump will no doubt be entrapped and impeached on made-up charges.

Beware of Zealous Doctors Who Might Falsely Accuse Parents of Abuse

I have written quite a few times about Justina Pelletier the teenager who suffers from Mitochondrial Disease but who was taken off her treatment by doctors more loyal to their “behavior modification” ideology than to their oath to “Do no harm.” I mentioned her case most recently in this article.

As far as I know, Justina and her family are suing Boston Children’s hospital, and the lawsuit is still pending.

But I found this article from January from a Mitochondrial Disease News website, about parents who face false charges of “medical child abuse” by “doctors” and hospitals. The article includes references to Justina Pelletier, whose parents were falsely charged with such. The article states, “But in recent years, the U.S. mitochondrial disease community has been hit with hundreds of other false accusations of medical child abuse. MaryBeth Hollinger of MitoAction says the problem is getting worse.”

In many cases, “doctors” aren’t able to immediately find a cause for a patient’s symptoms, and already jump to the conclusion that “it’s all in her head,” i.e. the cause is psychological, to them. And many times, the doctors rush to insist that the young patient be kept in their psychiatric ward as an in-patient, to do God-knows-what, but especially to give them those goddamn psychiatric drugs. The article doesn’t say that, but that’s been my conclusion. So in my view, these damn doctors are obsessed with drugging up their patients. It’s like a religion to them, it seems to me. And also, in many cases the Children’s Hospitals or other hospitals are government-funded research hospitals, as was the case with Justina Pelletier. The doctors use the patient as a guinea pig to give these horrible drugs to and to experiment on.

The article points out, “Hollinger spoke of a general lack of awareness, noting that ‘most doctors were never taught anything about mitochondrial disease.’ Because the disease involves energy production, it varies greatly from one person to the next.”

And the article gives good advice to parents, which I back 1,000%:

Hollinger advised parents to watch what they say around doctors and nurses, and to think twice before posting photos of their children on Facebook or Twitter.

“You have to really be careful about what you share, and how it could impact your child down the line,” she said. “I would definitely say no photos. What law enforcement does is use social media to see if you are guilty or not. It is the most important aspect of their investigation. They consider social media your crime scene. Any picture that could embarrass your child at less than 18 years old is considered abusive.”

Chris Rock: Cops Should Shoot More White People

Chris Rock was never one of my favorites, with “f-word this,” and “f-word that,” and so on. But if you’re going to make jokes about something, you should have your facts straight. In his Netflix special from February, Rock joked that he wished police would shoot more white people.

According to the Daily Wire, Rock joked, “You would think that cops would occasionally shoot a white kid just to make it look good. You would think every couple of months they’d look at their dead (n-word) calendar and go, ‘Oh my God, we’re up to 16! We gotta shoot a white kid quick…I wanna live in a world with real equality. I want to live in a world where an equal amount of white kids are shot every month…”

You see, because the race-baiting media exaggerate white cops shooting black people and tend to leave out the news when cops shoot white people, many people believe the narrative that’s been presented.

But, as Amanda Prestigiacomo of the aforementioned Daily Wire article points out, “far more white people are fatally shot by police than black people. A 2015 Washington Post study found that 49% of those fatally shot by police were white, while 24% were black.”

Nevertheless, the truth is that police shoot everyone, white and black, Hispanic, Asian, everyone (including the elderly and disabled), out of hysteria, paranoia, ignorance, fear, hatred, or just being plain “berserkers,” as the late William Norman Grigg would call them. This is worse in these more recent years.

And we know that many black motorists are pulled over for “driving while black” and searched more than others as well.

The biggest problem with the police, it seems to me, is their obsession with drugs. They are obsessed with catching people with drugs, whether they are trained to be obsessed and driven to criminally break into someone’s home and terrorizing or murdering them for the drug war, whatever. (Even though some cops themselves are druggies.) A high proportion of drug arrests and conviction are of black people, mainly because the drug war is a racist drug war. And so the police want to pull over people and search their cars because there might be drugs. Ooooh, drugs. They don’t care if they don’t have an actual reason to suspect someone of some specific thing, just get those drug users, buyers, possessers, sellers, etc. (Yet, the  liquor stores are selling booze to drunk drivers killing people on the roads, and contributing to people’s liver disease and alzheimer’s etc. Oh, well.)

So one way of preventing black people or black youths even getting involved with drugs is ending the drug war altogether. The youths get into drugs (black or other races) because they are bored. So they need something to keep them busy. Besides ending the drug war, the gubmint could also end minimum wage laws.

Those wage restrictions cause the elimination of many entry level jobs because employers can’t afford to hire entry level workers (such as high school-aged youths needing a part-time job, or young adults trying to get their foot in the door of some endeavor) at $10 per hour or whatever the minimum is ordered to be. When minimum wage is raised, more jobs are eliminated, thanks to the social activists who do not live in the world of reality, only fantasy. Repeal minimum wage laws, and millions of new entry-level jobs will spring up all over the country.

But it’s mainly the racist drug war that motivates the hypnotized, drug-obsessed cops to go after those possibly more likely to get involved with the drugs. The drug war needs to end. But I don’t think that joking about or wishing for cops to shoot more white people is helpful in any way.