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More Articles on the Governments That Ruin

Jacob Hornberger has a truth-telling post on the bizarre Trump-Kim summit, saying that the U.S. government is the root cause of the North Korea problem.

Jennifer Lynch at EFF on HART: Homeland Security’s massive new database will include face recognition, DNA, and people’s “non-obvious relationships.”

Justin Raimondo writes that the Euro-weenies don’t want free trade, they want a free ride at Uncle Sam’s expense.

(Not related to the Justin Raimondo article, but on his Twitter he responds to a tweet by Melissa, who says to Merck, “Your cancer drug Keytruda costs $150,000 per year for a patient and your CEO makes $17,000,000 a year in salary. You are what’s wrong with healthcare.” Justin replies to Melissa: “Bull****. Without Merck, there would be no Keytruda, which is saving my life.” And my response to the both of them is that if we get rid of the patent laws these drugs would be MUCH cheaper!!)

The Daily Caller with an article on the nazi-like California state gubmint, harassing and persecuting a gun owner who honestly tried to comply with a gun registration law, but they raided his home and arrested him anyway. Nazis.

Tony Heller says that disaster arrives for climate alarmists.

And James Jatras asks, Where, why and how will the empire strike back?

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