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Irrationality in Culture and Economy – in Amerika

The American Library Association has decided to remove the name of Laura Ingalls Wilder from a major book award, according to Charles Burris, because Wilder’s novels contain “expressions of stereotypical attitudes…” Hmm, are librarians unable to distinguish between expressions by a fictional character in a novel and those of its author? Are these Orwellian SJWs trying to sweep history and the truth under the rug? That is, that some people make racist comments.

On the other hand, as Charles Burris comments, “The Little House books champion individualism, self-reliance, loyalty to the nuclear family and community. These are forbidden values today‚Äôs progressives abhor.”

Individualism being the opposite of collectivism, which is exactly what racism is a branch of. But the denial of history and the throwing of a great novelist under the bus by these history deniers, like the book-banners including banning the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from the schools, and book-burners and censors, are examples of the irrationality of today’s “modern” society.

And Donald Trump’s trade wars, tariffs and other intrusions into private economic matters, are already causing businesses to move some of their plants outside of the U.S., such as Harley-Davidson, and possibly causing an important producer of nails to go bankrupt, according to Robert Wenzel.

What the hell is wrong with The Donald, except for being a “low-IQ” President? His idiotic tariffs are backfiring already, and causing today’s DJIA to go way down, about 400 points down right now, out of “trade war” concerns. This anti-free trade fascism is counter-productive, and anti-America, quite frankly. But most of all, extremely irrational.

Why can’t these dumb government bureaucrats just leave people alone? There’s this anti-free market mentality in Washington and Trump is a huge proponent of that crapola. And his anti-foreigner nationalism with the anti-immigration stuff is also part of the anti-free market mentality.

So, we have the irrational censorship history-deniers on the Left, and the irrational economy-wreckers on the … hmm, The Donald and his anti-market idiocy are also on the Left. Go figure.

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