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Further Comments on the Trump Anti-Immigration Fiasco

The ignorant totalitarian Donald Trump says that he doesn’t care about due process and wants to send immigrants detained by ICE back to where they came from. Judge Napolitano clarifies that under the U.S. Constitution non-U.S. citizens actually do have a right to due process when apprehended by ICE agents. (I know, the conservative sheeple many of whom hate furrners don’t believe that the Bill of Rights actually applies to non-U.S. citizens. But yes, it does.)

You would think that The Donald might come to the defense of someone who is accused by the government of something, or perhaps falsely accused. What if an ICE agent just doesn’t like the way a traveler looks, and might be falsely accusing someone of being here “illegally”? Trump himself now does know a thing or two about being falsely accused, such as his being accused of “Trump-Russia collisions,” by the “deep state” and the government media, based on absolutely no evidence that actually exists. Due process is important, Donald.

And another point is the talk radio ditto-heads and other so-called conservatives who are constantly criticizing CPS and the social worker child-snatchers. But in the case of ICE seizing children away from their non-government-authorized immigrant parents, that’s okay. The conservative talk radio ditto-heads should just admit that they simply hate furrners.

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