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Do You Want “X” on Your License Or Birth Certificate?

First, this crap with using “they” and “their” because you don’t want to say, “he” or “her.” I don’t know what is wrong with people — they’re just words, they’re merely pronouns. And what you are doing is using incorrect grammar for the sake of, what, avoiding emotional discomfort? This is pathetic. If someone has an issue with what one’s gender is, then obviously it reflects some kind of wider problem the individual has with one’s identity in general.

But now the news writers are doing this crap with “they,” a plural pronoun, when discussing a singular individual person! News “journalists“! Please, no, not the news writers! Shame on them, as far as I’m concerned. But that’s WGBH news, i.e. public radio, NPR, etc., so I suppose that’s understandable.

The “news” article tells about a push to make Massachusetts another state that will allow “X” rather than “F” for female or “M” for male, on identification cards such as drivers licenses or birth certificates. Maine, Oregon, and some other states are doing this now.

“Last year, as a freshman in high school, Ella came out as non-binary, which means neither male nor female,” referring to the activist mentioned in the article. (Non-“binary”? Are you sure you’re not referring to John Byner?) In other words, Ella just doesn’t want to deal with the fact that she is a female, or that he is a male. It’s one or the other, kid. And that’s the truth, as Edith Ann would say.

At first I was against all this. However, now I’m for it. We’re talking about government-issued identification cards here. The least amount of personal information government has about me the better, as far as I’m concerned. So in the case of sex or gender, it actually might be a good thing that bureaucrats don’t have it on record that I’m a male. (Because what if the bureaucracy is filled with feminazis who hate men, at some point? Not good.)

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