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Can the True Believers in American Exceptionalism Ever Consider U.S. Nuclear Disarmament?

Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un have released a statement reaffirming the “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

So how about the complete denuclearization of the U.S.? I know, many Americans believe that such an act would be absurd and “crazy” and all that.

Gobbling up decades and decades of propaganda, they really believe that the U.S. should be armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, but not North Korea or Iran. After all, the U.S. is the only one here who can be trusted with nuclear weapons. The U.S. government would never, ever actually use such big bombs on another population, right? Oh wait, they actually did drop two big atom bombs on Japan, slaughtering tens of thousands. Perhaps up to 200,000 innocent civilians were murdered by the U.S. regime.

And of course other countries should sign agreements to disarm themselves and it would have to be one-sided favoring the might of the U.S. government. The trustworthy U.S. government started two wars of aggression in Iraq since 1991, bombed civilian water and sewage treatment centers causing the Iraqi population to have to use untreated water and leading to high rates of disease and the deaths of 500,000 by the mid-1990s. The U.S. government in its concern for humanity also started a war of aggression on Afghanistan and continues to drone-bomb civilians in those two countries, in Yemen, Syria, Libya.

But all the countries who are being pressured to disarm should trust the U.S. regime in Washington. I know I do.

Not to mention all the innocent civilians who were murdered by the U.S. military in Vietnam, and elsewhere. The North Koreans probably know their history, especially regarding the war of 1950-53, in which the U.S. military bombed and slaughtered over a million of their people.

But there are True Believers in American Exceptionalism out there who really believe that the U.S. government must be empowered to rule the world, that it’s morally right for the U.S. government to start wars of aggression on other countries who were of no threat to us, and that the U.S. is the City Upon a Hill, and was divinely inspired (to wreak havoc on the rest of the world). Those True Believers would be beside themselves at the suggestion that the U.S. should disarm its nukes as well as the other countries.

One of those True Believers is Donald Trump, who says that NFL players “have to stand proudly for the national anthem or you shouldn’t be playing. You shouldn’t be there. Maybe you shouldn’t be in the country.” The True Believers see America as “Godly,” superior, certainly superior over other countries whose governments have not started wars on other countries or slaughtered millions. Oh, I see, we’re militarily superior, not morally superior. Sorry, my mistake.

The True Believers see the American flag as sacred, like its a religious symbol, and they see standing for the National Anthem as showing “patriotism.” Well, false patriotism, yes. True Believers see patriotism as obediently praising the government in Washington and at the same time suppressing dissent or criticism of the regime. They would never allow a Bradley Manning or an Edward Snowden to release documents revealing the criminality of the surveillance state and war crimes of the U.S. military. Not only are such acts of truth-telling “unpatriotic” but “treasonous” to many of those who proclaim themselves to be “patriots.” Our government, right or wrong.

They have that attitude, which is the opposite of what America originally stood for, because most of those people spent 8 hours a day in government schools or government-controlled private schools, getting their daily brainwashing to be obedient citizen serfs and love their rulers. If the True Believers of today were around during the American Revolution, they would have sided with the British. They would have reported on their neighbors to the authorities if their neighbors showed any criticism of the King and expressed sympathy with the Revolutionaries.

In those days, the fighters of the Revolution were not fighting to restore nationalism and the authority of the ruling regime in Britain. They were fighting for liberty. They opposed the King. The nationalists of today like the True Believers and Donald Trump are the opposite of that.

And millions of Americans are brainwashed by continuing propaganda to believe that we actually need nuclear weapons over here to act as a “deterrent.” When the Soviet Union collapsed, the Cold War ended, and there was no more concern that the Soviets would try to invade the U.S. and turn the U.S. into a communist nirvana. But at the time that Soviet Union was collapsing, the Cold Warriors needed an excuse to keep the apparatus of the national security state going and going, and keep the nuclear arsenal in place, so the Warriors created a new “enemy,” particularly the Islamic enemy of the Middle East and Asia. And that’s why George H.W. Bush started his war in Iraq in 1991. (He was a CIA guy, after all.) And since then the Warriors have had their “enemy.”

And a long time ago when President John F. Kennedy was starting to express his opposition to the Cold War, his opposition to the national security state, and his opposition to the nuclear arsenal and the crazy notion of “mutually assured destruction,” that is why he was taken out, as Jacob Hornberger pointed out in this recent essay. Is there a rational human being out there, at least more rational than Donald Trump and his fellow True Believers, who can express the same kind of goal toward nuclear disarmament that JFK did? It has been accomplished elsewhere, and the U.S. can follow.

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