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Anti-Immigration Nationalists and Conservatives’ Entitlement Mentality, Group Identity Politics, and Unjust Laws

While the conservatives constantly criticize the people on the left, the college campus totalitarians, and the government media (a.k.a. mainstream media), as obsessed with group identity politics and having an entitlement mentality, many of today’s conservatives and nationalists and Trump supporters are themselves guilty of all those things. And they are the biggest collectivists as well. And it’s really annoying.

They are not supportive of private property rights, the free market, independence, they certainly are not individualists. These people, these conservatives and nationalists are themselves obsessed with group identity. Except they would not admit to it, obviously.

Their “America first” rhetoric and their ignorant views in economics and their emotionalism quite frankly is just as bad as the emotionalism from the left in their own group identity rantings. Oh, we’re Americans and “we” shouldn’t allow people to enter the country illegally. This need to separate illegal from legal is their excuse, with the unjust laws they cite that are just more examples of socialism and central planning.

With their compulsion to be dependent on government bureaucrats to protect them from “illegals” and “invaders,” they just don’t get America, which was founded on the ideas of individualism, private property and voluntary exchange.

Sadly, many people believe that central-planning government bureaucrats can somehow control the movements of millions of people, in and outside of this huge territory that spans millions of square miles and contains over 300 million people. It’s just impossible. Central planning doesn’t work. So the conservatives and nationalists need to be told this. But unfortunately, after an upbringing of spending 12 years sitting in government classrooms many people are just plain ol’ indoctrinated to have a blind faith in their rulers and the rulers’ protection, worship the flag and get a lump in their throat when hearing some song at the ball games.

So, the anti-immigration, anti-foreigner crowd are hard-core collectivists in their group identity obsessiveness. For example, this Mexican worker is applying for a job at a business over in Colorado or wherever in the U.S. The worker is peaceful, is traveling through peacefully, and hasn’t actually harmed anyone. He has nothing to do with any other immigrants who might be committing crimes against innocents. So, in this case what you do is leave the peaceful one alone. Presumption of innocence is a basic way for decent people to treat others. If you have no reason to suspect him of being dangerous, then you leave him alone. Don’t get in his way.

And that’s the American way. Leaving innocent people alone is the American way, not the Soviet way or the Nazi way, or the Venezuelan way, or the British way, but the American way. But the nationalists don’t understand that. They’re absorbed in this “citizenship defines who one is” crap to a pathological degree. “If that guy isn’t approved by the government, then we keep him out, even if he’s peaceful” is their mentality.

And they also don’t get the free market either. The nationalists have this entitlement mentality, just like the leftists. If Bob the business owner is hiring, then he will hire the workers he has determined to be most qualified for the job. If a Mexican or Guatemalan applies for the same job that three Americans have applied for, and if that non-American happens to be more qualified (and would work to best serve the customers), as determined by Bob, then if Bob wants to hire that Mexican then Bob hires that Mexican, and you don’t interfere with that. THAT’S the “free market,” not the government-controlled market that the nationalists prefer.

You see, Bob owns his business, not you, and not the government. So Bob controls every aspect of his business, in a free society. But these nationalists don’t believe in private property rights, just like the leftists. The nationalists ultimately believe that the government or the “community” has final ownership rights of each business or property within the territory.

And with their entitlement mentality, the nationalists instead believe, ignorantly, that only Americans are “entitled” to be hired at that job at Bob’s business, even if the American applicants aren’t as qualified as the Mexican one.

Sorry. The one who has the “entitlement” at Bob’s business is Bob. Morally and ethically, BOB is the one who is entitled to determine who enters his property, who he does business with, and who works there.

And there’s another doozy, this idea that immigrants are “stealing jobs from Americans.” Jeepers creepers, so what do they do, go into a business and put a gun to the boss’s head and say, “You better hire me at that job instead of that American,” or “You better fire that guy and give me his job, or else!” Yeah, right.

And immigration freedom and freedom of movement and freedom of association with property rights also means that the local church people and other voluntary organizations have a right to take in anyone they believe to be seeking safety and asylum from drug lords and sex-traffickers. The sick, deranged anti-foreigner crowd want to send innocent people back to those places of violence and tyranny. How shameful!

Unfortunately, the leftists are just as bad in their anti-property and anti-free market views. Okay, they are worse. Many of them now want the government to take ownership of industries away from private people. If you point out the Soviet Union or currently Venezuela to them, they don’t listen.

Just as the conservatives don’t listen to non-group identity, non-collectivist arguments in favor of freedom in immigration, labor and employment.

Sadly, conservatives and nationalists advocate evil in the name of this group-identity obsession of theirs, this nationalism obsession.

And Attorney general Jeff Sessions — worse than Eric Holder, John Mitchell and Janet Waco all combined — says that the immigration laws are “The Law,” which must be obeyed. He cites the Bible and says that it instructs people to obey the government without question. (Hmm, what has he been smoking?)

As Laurence Vance wrote in his column on Romans 13 and obeying the government, “Only a madman would say that obeying the government in Romans 13 is absolute. Even the most diehard Christian apologist for the state, its military, and its wars would never think of saying such a thing…Obeying the government is not absolute when the government commands something that is contrary to the word of God…”

No, if there are unjust, immoral and “un-Christian” laws on the books, they need to go. Laws that are just laws are those that say, Don’t steal, don’t defraud, and don’t use aggression against others.

Unfortunately, many people in America are socialists and/or fascists, and they naively and ignorantly want bad laws on the books, the enforcement of which actually consists of armed government goons and badged thugs using aggression against innocent people who have not harmed anyone.

And I just wanted to mention this again in concluding: in an appearance on Meet the Press, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, regarding just laws versus unjust laws, “I think we all have a moral obligation to obey just laws. On the other hand, I think we have a moral obligation to disobey unjust laws, because non-cooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good. I think the distinction here is that when one breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, he must do it openly, he must do it cheerfully, he must do it lovingly. He must do it civilly, not uncivilly. And he must do it with a willingness to accept the penalty. And any man that breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust and willingly accepts the penalty by staying in jail in order to arouse the conscience of the community on the injustice of the law, is at that moment expressing the very highest respect for law.”

In the immigration issue, the ones without a conscience are the ICE agents, the ignorant and evil Jeff Sessions and their fellow travelers.

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