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The Young People Have No Idea What Fascism Is – In Fact, They Endorse It

For several years now, colleges in Amerika have been filled with young people who go beyond merely protesting speakers they don’t like but shout people down to silence them, get their college administrators to cancel or ban speakers, mainly conservatives or those who stand for freedom of speech. And these ignorant young people have the nerve to call their opponents “fascists” and “Nazis.”

But while many of these young people are propagandized with “social justice” mantras and are instructed to feel terrorized by other points of view, they are still correct that Amerika is fascist. The problem is that the young people only know what their social media and professors tell them, and from pop culture. They seem completely unaware of the real fascism that pervades good ol’ US of A.

For instance, we have a long time CIA flunky who is up for the top job at CIA, Gina Haspel, a.k.a. “Bloody Gina,” who had a great deal to do with the post-9/11 torture regime, the torture of suspects many of whom had nothing to do with terrorism but were apprehended by Afghan villagers in exchange for financial bounties paid to them.

After Gina Haspel’s Senate confirmation hearing, former CIA officer Ray McGovern, who said that the hearing was a charade, said that when the Senate “intelligence” committee’s chairman Richard Burr began as chairman of that committee he demanded all copies of a Senate report on CIA torture be brought back. McGovern said that such an action indicated how close with the CIA these corrupt senators are, they are “joined at the hip.”

At the hearing, Haspel said that she would not allow CIA to undertake activity that she thought was immoral, but wouldn’t answer whether she thought that torture was immoral. So, I personally wouldn’t trust Haspel as far as I could throw her. I’m not exactly calling her a “liar,” but as most of us know, bureaucrats typically lie as an involuntary response to being questioned. Well, as CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou proclaimed, “Everyone (at CIA) is corrupt…” Those who worked inside the organization would probably know how corrupt it is. All bureaucracies are corrupt. That is inherent in a monopolistic government bureaucracy.

McGovern stated that Sen. Ron Wyden, who claimed that “there has been a wall-to-wall cover-up by the agency with respect to her (Haspel’s) background,” asked Haspel if she oversaw torture at a CIA black site in Thailand. Her answer was to ask her those questions in a closed-door session. Because, apparently, that’s classified information. Made classified, as McGovern points out, by … Gina Haspel herself.

Haspel’s demand to ask her those questions in closed-door session was enough for McGovern at the hearing to raise his voice. Well, he did raise his voice, and he was then dragged away, forced to the ground, brutally assaulted and his arm dislocated, and handcuffed. He’s in his late 70s. And the armed protectors of Senators afraid of dangerous elderly people, the Senate storm troopers were saying what they were trained to say like robots: “Stop resisting! Stop resisting!”

Fascist much, storm troopers?

McGovern then went on to criticize Obama for his trying to keep secret the Senate report on torture. But Obama was threatened by Senators that they would read from the report on the Senate floor unless he allowed the release of the report, which he finally did do.

Here is that interview of Ray McGovern:

So many of the kids in today’s colleges are indoctrinated to be concerned about “hate,” “racists,” and to shut down debate and other points of view, which are “fascist” behaviors, while at the same time they call others “fascists.” Yet the real, actual fascism as mentioned above, they know NOTHING about it! A bunch of Sgt. Schultzes.

But many conservatives and nationalist Trump-thumpers, the very same people we hear criticizing the college campus craziness, irrationality and political correctness, are also huge supporters of the national security state, torturing suspects, and they blindly and obediently support the U.S. military, right or wrong. Their problem is that they are just as authoritarian as the young anti-speech sheeple in the colleges today. So we have it from both sides, anti-liberty, anti-peace, pro-State endorsers of immorality, quite frankly.

And another example of the fascism infecting Amerika is how the Senate is pushing through an update to the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), in which U.S. citizens could be jailed, not only jailed but kept in indefinite detention without charges, merely for criticizing U.S. military actions and foreign policy, according to retired law professor Marjorie Cohn. (I have address that issue here and here.) The little college Stalinists didn’t care that Obama was all for this stuff. In fact, they would probably cheer on a President Hillary imprisoning without charges those accused of “hate speech,” “climate deniers,” and anti-LGBT Christian activists.

They would cheer on CIA storm troopers apprehending and imprisoning elderly protesters like Ray McGovern.

And one reason why the ignorant sheeple at today’s colleges are so uninformed and indoctrinated is that it’s not only their professors and their favorite pop culture idols who are brainwashing them to act like fascist robots, but the mainstream media as well. One example of that is Anderson Cooper, who apparently has been a CIA asset, as have many of our mainstream “news” media propagandists. It’s sickening.

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