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The Donald Wants to Reduce Drug Prices – How About Freedom, Donald?

So now Donald Trump says he wants to lower the cost of prescriptions drugs. He talks a good game as far as saying that “the drugmakers, insurance companies, distributors, pharmacy benefit managers and many others — contribute to the problem … Government has also been part of the problem because previous leaders turned a blind eye to this incredible abuse. But under this administration we are putting American patients first.”

However, as Robert Wenzel points out, Trump’s solutions are just more government manipulations and intrusions, rather than getting rid of the causes of the high prices in the first place.

Lee Friday gives us a good idea of real solutions in his article with solutions to Canada’s failed universal health care system: consumer and physician freedom. Friday writes, “defend the right of any consumer and any physician to enter into a voluntary exchange without any interference from a third party! It therefore follows that a physician may offer his services to any consumer, regardless the opinion of any third party as to the qualifications of the physician (i.e. licensing).”

Repealing licensure requirements and other governmental mandates and intrusions into America’s health care system will lower prices, and repealing all regulations of health care related industries will further reduce prices and raise the quality of care as well. Closing down and dismantling the FDA and HHS bureaucracies will reestablish the control that medical patients, consumers, practitioners and insurers should have in the first place. They are the ones who should have the control, not the government, not bureaucrats.

For some reason, many people believe that all the freeing up of our lives and of industries will cause chaos and “anarchy.” That is because many people have been propagandized and conditioned to assume that government controls are necessary to protect the people. But all that is just a myth. The truth is just the opposite. Those government interventions are what cause the chaos, pain and suffering.

For people to have better access to drugs and to make the drugs less expensive, repeal all drug-related regulations, including the prescription drug process. Everything should be over-the-counter, and informed consumers would decide what’s best for them. Consumers should not have to get a doctor’s permission to get some drug or other kind of treatment or examination. And we hear time and again how the FDA’s preventing certain drugs from being available contributes to many unnecessary untimely deaths. That’s no way for a decent society to exist.

Further, repealing patent laws will allow competition once again. Government patent laws protect the artificially high prices of the drugs for the big companies to profit at the expense of medical patients. No one “owns” a list of ingredients or a formula that is made of particular chemicals. Such an assertion is based on more myths, and based on made-up “rights” that don’t exist. Drug companies don’t have the “right” to restrict others from making use of their own capital goods and materials and ingredients to produce formulas to provide as an alternative to the big drug companies’ high-priced drugs.

So the bottom line on all this is really freedom. Freedom from intrusive and corrupting governmental bureaucracies and controls stimulates progress and innovations in health care, while those intrusions stifle them. But sadly, the control freaks, from politicians and bureaucrats like Donald Trump to private companies themselves who want artificial protections for their high profits, they are the ones who need to be spanked. Shame on them.

Here is a Mises Institute list of articles on why free markets in health care are better than government-controlled markets.

And I just wanted to add a point about the assertion that people have a “right” to health care, an assertion that was reiterated this morning on the Democrats’ weekly radio address by the ignorant U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow. As Lee Friday pointed out in the aforementioned article,

Everyone naturally owns their own body, which means they have a right to keep the fruits of their own labour (wages i.e. property), and the right to voluntarily exchange their property for the property of another person on terms mutually agreeable to the two parties.

It follows then that I do not have a right to food, clothing, health care, or any other material good because such a ‘right’ forces someone else to provide these things for me, which is a clear violation of the property rights of another person. However — and this is the important distinction — I do have a right to acquire any of these things through my own efforts, including mutually agreeable voluntary exchanges with others, so long as I do no harm to other persons or their property. In this way, I am not interfering with the efforts of others to acquire the things they desire.

There is no other definition of rights consistent with morality. However, we are constantly reminded of a so-called “right” to health care by smooth-talking politicians and bureaucrats who have a vested interest in monopolizing its provision. The duplicity of these charlatans is painfully clear. For decades, their bureaucracies have feasted on billions of tax dollars while thousands of dead Canadians are still waiting to exercise their ‘right’ to health care. They are dead because the government denied them the right to use their own money to save their own lives by purchasing private health care in the Canadian marketplace.

And with that, everyone has a right to purchase a cheaper drug (or nutritional supplement, etc.) provided by a drug maker on a free market, without the drug maker’s being prohibited by patent i.e. special-protection laws from providing its own alternative to the big companies’ drugs, and without the consumer’s having to get a bureaucrat’s or doctor’s permission to get a drug.

I addressed the “right to health care” in this 2012 LRC article that I wrote (after I wrote this one following the U.S. Supreme Court’s rubber-stamping of the ObamaCare mandate, led by the awful Chief Bureaucrat John Roberts). My article regarding the “right to health care” ended this way:

You have a right to exercise your own ways of preventative medicine.

You have a right to take vitamins and nutritional supplements.

You have a right to access your vitamins and nutritional supplements. And a right to be free of the Big Pharma-FDA revolving door attempting to shut down supplement makers for the sake of Big Pharma profits.

You have a right to drink raw milk.

You have a right to farm and grow your own food on your own property, and a right to share it with your neighbors, and it’s none of government bureaucrats’ business!

You have a right to be free from sniveling, cowardly, control-freak bureaucrats who don’t like your independence sending S.W.A.T. teams to your property to terrorize (or murder) you for providing for yourself and your family.

You have a right to refuse a government bureaucrat’s order to buy health insurance.

And you have a right to tell the government to stick it.

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