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“National Security”? What a Joke.

James Bovard has this article on former FBI honcho James Comey’s forgotten rescue of Bush era torture. Never mind the fact that most of the detainees at Guantanamo were innocent and uninvolved in any terrorism, and many were apprehended by Afghan villagers in return for CIA-paid bounties. But whatever. A lot of Christian conservative warvangelicals support torturing (and killing) innocent human beings, and then say they are “pro-life.”

And while the torture and indefinite detention regime is still in place, thanks to Barack Obama, feel that the gubmint “keeps us safe” with the new bipartisan bill to give any President the power to imprison and torture U.S. citizens in military detention forever, as this article at the Intercept discusses.

Gareth Porter asks, Did John Bolton leak intelligence to sabotage a Trump-Kim deal?

Ray McGovern and Bill Binney on Robert Mueller: gone fishing.

Daniel John Sobieski discusses former CIA commie John Brennan’s secret trip to Moscow.

Jacob Hornberger says, The JFK cover-up continues.

And Jack Burns writes about the police cadets exposing their department for training cops to view the public as “cockroaches” they’re at war with. (With the treasonous direction toward the people that Washington is taking, I am sure the national security apparatus is getting there, too.)

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