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Important News and Commentary

Zero Hedge has this lengthy article on the latest FBI-related revelations in regards to the Mueller-Russia “investigation.” James Comey caught in more lies, the FBI had no case against Mike Flynn from the beginning, Comey directed the feds to “ambush” Flynn.

Dr. Peter Breggin concludes that more psychiatry means more shootings.

Eric Margolis on the anti-Iran, Israel-First neocons in the White House.

Michael Rozeff discusses his experiences with a non-fanatic Iranian nuclear scientist.

Alex Nowrasteh with the 14 most common arguments against immigration and why they’re wrong.

Jacob Hornberger writes about JFK and the inconceivable doctrine.

John Whitehead asks, Is the U.S. government evil?

Joe Jarvis on why a bar can boot Trump supporters but a bakery can’t deny gay customers.

Steve Sailer says that the SPLC is overflowing with White Privilege.

And Brian Doherty discusses CDC surveys, that the CDC didn’t bother to make public, with evidence that many Americans defend themselves with guns.

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