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Let’s Celebrate Marx’s 200th Birthday. Hooray!

No, not Groucho. But here are some recent articles on the history of Karl Marx and his flawed and failed way of thinking.

Ryan McMaken says that “real socialism” has been tried, and it’s been a disaster. Compares socialist economies with capitalist economies.

Jacob Hornberger on Marx, inequality and the American welfare state. Over time, socialism equalizes inequality by bringing most of the population into impoverishment and starvation, whereas a free-market economy raises everyone’s standard of living, in which “everyone’s boat is rising.” It’s just that the people on the left need to overcome their envy and covetousness to accept that some people are more successful or produce more wealth than others.

James Bovard says that Karl Marx’s communism has a death count in the millions.

Richard Ebeling on Karl Marx and Marxism at 200.

You want a good book about Marx and Marxism? Read Requiem for Marx, edited by Yuri Maltsev.

And finally, Eugen-Maria Schulak discusses the Austrian School’s critique of Marxism.

(Perhaps Groucho’s way of thinking would have been better?)

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