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A Dollar Crash in the U.S. Because of Donald Trump’s Idiotic Sanctions on Iran?

Mac Slavo writes that the EU will abandon the dollar for its payments for Iranian oil, as a means of getting around Donald Trump’s evil, central-planning fetish sanctions on Iran. This will cause blowback, the collapse of the dollar. Thanks, Donald. We have evil idiots running things in Washington, and their policies cause blowback and really just go against our prosperity, our freedom and our livelihoods, from the warmongering, trade restrictions, anti-market immigration restrictions, and sanctions. Morons.

And Ron Paul has an op-ed noting that Trump, Giuliani and Bolton (or more accurately, Moe, Larry and Curly) will be putting terrorists in charge after these stooges do their regime change in Iran. These idiots with their anti-America policies.

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