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Will We Ever “Drain the Swamp”? Can We Save Our Freedom?

The 2016 election consisted of some former First Lady who became a Senator and then Secretary of State who was going to go on to “break the glass ceiling,” and probably could have won the election had she actually campaigned in the swing states and not insulted half the voters as “deplorables.”

Besides Hillary’s using the Clinton Foundation to allegedly rake in millions from the Saudis in exchange for billions in weapons contracts for the Saudis and the Foundation’s other quid pro quos, there was Hillary’s email scandal that most others would not get away with, there were classified emails that she was allegedly criminally reckless with. And the controversy that most people don’t know about, that Clinton Foundation-connected James Comey had already written a letter of exoneration prior to interviewing Hillary or other witnesses.

Actually the corrupt FBI flunky Peter Strzok did the interview of Mrs. Clinton and he then went on to work on the Mueller investigation until Strzok’s texts with FBI counsel Lisa Page were exposed in their biased anti-Trump hatred. But they were demoted, not fired. And their friend the fired former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe is also in deep doo-doo. McCabe did a go-fund-me thing obviously to cover the legal bills for the representation he’s going to need at his trial, if there is one. Maybe they can do a joint trial with McCabe, Comey, Strzok, Page and the rest of the corrupt hacks in Washington.

So much of the corruption has been exposed now, I just can’t see how the Mueller investigation and Mueller’s going after Trump’s associates and lawyers will prevent the real criminals of the FBI and DOJ from getting away with their crimes. And that includes attorney general Jeff Sessions, in my view, the corrupt former prosecutor. Sessions does not seem to really be a Trump supporter, and it is clear to me given his fascist policies that his loyalty is to the State, first and foremost.

Several bureaucrats of the national security state, within FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA, made up the “Russian collusion” and “Russia hacking the election” stories that were really fake news. The DNC emails were released to WikiLeaks by an insider, and not actually hacked, but the media, begun by the Washington Pest, repeated the “collusions” and “hacked the election” story ad nauseam.

The Mueller investigation came up with nothing against Trump so they went after Trump associates Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn and other associates. And now they are harassing Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen to try to find any possible evidence of any technical violations of non-crimes or whatever they can find and make up. I’m sure “insider trading” will come up, as with Martha Stewart based on criminally corrupt government prosecutors’ socialist envy and hatred of capitalism and their hatred of private sector entrepreneurs, and as the feds also did in their persecution of Joseph Nacchio of Qwest in Nacchio’s refusal to act as an NSA stasi against his innocent customers. Government sucks.

Judge Kimba Wood, the “Love Judge,” is the judge who ordered Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen to reveal the names of other clients, whether or not they were involved with Donald Trump. During the 1980s, she presided over the Michael Milken trial, in which Milken was railroaded by the New York U.S. attorney thug Rudy Giuliani. Prior to being an evil judge, Wood’s field of expertise was anti-capitalism known as “antitrust” law. These government apparatchiks hate the market, the free market and voluntary exchange in which bureaucrats don’t get to stick their fat noses into the people’s private business. (“MYOB” used to mean something, for crissakes.)

So the FBI and Mueller prosecutors will have access to many private documents and emails for no good reason, except for political reasons, anything to get Donald Trump. (Perhaps the real reason they hate The Donald is because he has been a businessman his whole life. Well, a crony-capitalist businessman, but, whatever. Just like their persecution of Martha Stewart and the other innocent people in business.)

And regarding Sean Hannity, he has been a propagandist for the national security state for years now. Should I care that much about him?

Perhaps it’s time to investigate all the comrades on the Soviet-like Mueller team, including especially Mueller himself. Is there an NSA agent who has released info to WikiLeaks on the Mueller team members? That would be a lot of fun.

I’ve been saying that impeaching Trump would a bad thing because at least his presence in Washington is exposing the corruption in the national security state, including FBI and DOJ, and he has also been exposing the media’s real bias, corruption and idiocy, and eliciting their hysteria in their hatred for Trump. And impeaching Trump would also give us a President Mike Pence, a loathsome warvangelical neocon phony-baloney.

But, given that Trump is so bad on just about everything now, including his taking in the bloodthirsty warmongering neocons John Bolton et al. and going along with the tear-down-the-Middle-East agenda of the neocons and Bible-thumping Israel First crowd, I really don’t care any more. And we knew that Donald Trump has sympathized with the Establishment for decades, with his contributing financially mainly to Establishment statists mainly Democrats. I looked through his past political contributions and he never donated to anti-Establishment politicians such as Ron Paul or Rand Paul. So a lot of people were bamboozled by Trump’s “Drain the Swamp” demagoguery and they still take him seriously. Heh.

But, if the Rethugs in Congress want to avoid a 2018 election bloodbath, post-2018 Democrat majority in both houses, and impeachment and conviction of Trump for nothing, the Senate and House committees better get going in their investigations and bringing indictments against James Comey and other FBI corrputocrats, and ordering Mueller to start investigating Hillary Clinton and her Foundation.

We have a whole generation (or two generations now) of cultural Marxists with their race-obsessed political correctness censorship, generations now of ignorant, brainwashed young people who have no idea why there is freedom of speech, due process and presumption of innocence, why the government must treat everyone equally under the law, and why civilians have a right to defend themselves against aggression, what the Declaration of Independence is, or any real knowledge of the vast history of empirical evidence which proves how much better off they are in a free society of free exchange than they would be under socialism or communism.

All that crap is connected to these stasi-Soviet-Nazi kangaroo investigations and witch hunts in Washington. The thugs in Washington are anti-capitalists, anti-freedom, anti-market government apparatchiks, and the younger generations are right there with them in their brainwashed hatred of freedom. And we had better watch out!

So, for now we shouldn’t let the national security state, i.e. “deep state,” continue to criminally frame innocent people who have attempted to “drain the swamp” in any way whatsoever (or even mentioned the idea).

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