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Why the National Socialists on the Right Are Wrong

So we have the socialists on the left, the ones who want to disarm law-abiding civilians and make them defenseless but keep the government armed to the teeth, and who want to empower the government to impose many regulations to control nearly every aspect of human existence, and tax and steal the earnings of others.

And then there are the national socialists on the right who support interventionist foreign policy, immigration controls, the socialist drug war, and their own precious welfare state in Socialist Security and Medicare. And like the left, the authoritarian nationalists also want the government to restrict the economic liberty of others.

Some people are such nationalists that in their irrational hysteria they worry about “illegal” immigration, “trade deficits,” and other imaginary problems. They praise and applaud Donald Trump’s socialist and central planning policies of the police state and militarism on the border, and his anti-capitalist economic restrictions.

These authoritarian nationalists are in fact anti-capitalists just like Trump. Their indoctrinated collectivism prevents them from accepting the morality of laissez-faire capitalism, the real free market.

Authoritarian nationalists such as Donald Trump and talk radio ditto-heads Limbaugh and Hannity, et al., support policies of deporting “illegal” immigrants back to the drug lords and sex-traffickers. I noted recently that they are so anti-foreigner and obsessed with following arbitrary bureaucratic rules imposed by government planners that, were they around during the 1930s they would have been right there with FDR sending the Jews back to Germany for “not following the rules.”

And were they around during the American Revolution, the authoritarian nationalists would have sided with the British rulers and soldiers in the Colonies. These “loyalists” would have reported on the “radicals” who were fighting to separate from the British King. The authoritarian nationalists of today would have ratted on those who were “unpatriotic” and “disloyal” to the Regime, and turned them in to the “authorities.”

And why do I believe this? Because whenever there is an issue in the news in which someone is being “unpatriotic,” the authoritarian nationalists get extremely upset. For example, Colin Kaepernick, the football player who didn’t want to stand for the National Anthem. (Or, “Colin Crappernick,” as radio ignoramus Jeff Kuhner calls him.)

A LOT of people in America were furious with Colin Kaepernick and his fellow moonbats for not standing for the National Anthem, or not saluting the flag or reciting the Pledge of Obedience to the government (a.k.a. “Pledge of Allegiance”). Kaepernick’s reasons for not “showing patriotism” were misguided, whereas more rational reasons for someone refusing to “show patriotism” might include opposing U.S. foreign policy or the Mueller witch hunt.

And when protesters are in the news for burning the American flag, ooooh, do those authoritarian nationalists get upset. They are religious in their nationalism. They view the flag as a “sacred” symbol. Burning the flag is like setting fire to America, or to an actual person to these worshipers of the American State.

So besides the collectivism and authoritarianism in the nationalists’ rigid anti-immigration and anti-trade views, there is this mysticism of America worship with these people. They are clearly mystical, such as with Michael Medved’s book, The American Miracle: Divine Providence in the Rise of the Republic. Medved and a lot of people who agree with him see the founding of America as a “miracle,” and “divinely inspired.”  To some people, merely questioning the Medved myths is an act of blasphemy, just as they see someone “disrespecting the flag” as being an act of “desecration.”

But how was it a “miracle” or “divinely inspired” when the new nation was formed in which all the inhabitants of the territory must comply with the rule of the new government in Washington, whether they liked it or not? What if the whole agreement was a fraud from the beginning?

Was it divinely inspired when Honest Abe Lincoln caused the murders of thousands and thousands of innocent civilians and burned whole cities to the ground? How about when the people of America allowed Washington, D.C. to impose the income tax-theft of their earnings, and a corrupting progressive central banking Federal Reserve (regardless of the warnings of the Founders)?

And President Harry Truman’s immoral and unnecessary mass-murders of tens of thousands of innocents in Japan, as well as Germany. That’s a miracle? The authoritarian nationalists defend all that. They rationalize the crimes of the State. And was it divinely inspired that President FDR sent the Jews back to Germany?

But this America thing was started based on individualism and private property, not collectivism and socialism. If someone lives outside of the territory and he sees an opportunity inside the territory he has an “unalienable right” to “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” to go to where that opportunity exists. As long as he doesn’t trespass on private property. And no, the so-called “public property” is not privately owned, and it isn’t collectively owned either. I asked many questions about those assertions but haven’t gotten any answers, though.

In their collectivism many people seem to view the whole of America and American citizens as one big family, and the “illegal” immigrants are “breaking into our home,” for example. They sound like a well-known Marxist schlep, in her “It takes a village” stuff. Yech.

Besides the immigrant exercising one’s freedom to find a better life for oneself and one’s family as long as they are peaceful, the inhabitants of this territory or “citizens” also exercise their freedom as businesspeople, landlords, private organizations and other residents to employ, rent to, sell to or otherwise associate with these new people, or take in the refugees rather than see them sent back to the drug lords and sex traffickers as the talk radio personalities prefer.

Unfortunately, collectivists want to lock out the new immigrants, regardless of those specific individual immigrants who are not suspected of any crime of aggression, theft or fraud. Unfortunately today’s nationalists see an innocent immigrant entering the territory as still being an “aggressor” and a “criminal,” because of “not following the rules” by getting a bureaucrat’s permission.

In a free society no one is required to get a bureaucrat’s permission to do anything! Alas, the authoritarians are indoctrinated over a life of government schooling and authoritarian culture and obediently believe in the authority of the government bureaucrat.

The national socialists on the right are all about rigid adherence to arbitrary rules, not morally-based rules. Arbitrary rules include “foreigners can’t enter the territory without a government bureaucrat’s permission.” Why? Because the government in Washington and the collective majority of people say so, with disregard for private property rights and the sanctity of the voluntary contracts of others.

The collectivists are acting in a covetous manner in their having government bureaucrats and their enforcers lock out foreigners from exercising their right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

In contrast, morally based rules include: Don’t steal, don’t defraud, don’t use aggression against others. So I really don’t take today’s nationalists like those talk radio personalities seriously when they say how much they love the U.S. Constitution or the Declaration of Independence, because for them it’s “freedom for me but not for thee,” such as “freedom for me but not for foreigners.”

The authoritarian nationalists are also short-sighted in their “solutions” to society’s problems, and that is why they favor socialism rather than free markets and private property. For instance, they support the socialist drug war police state as well as locking out foreigners fleeing the drug lords and sex traffickers.

Prohibition causes the black market which engenders the violence we are seeing. And why don’t the collectivist authoritarian nationalists emphasize the right of the people to keep and bear arms? Sure, they do only when school shootings occur and the gun control crowd comes out of the woodwork. But why not advocate that people be armed to protect themselves from the actual violent criminals who might come into the territory?

And the hysterical socialists on the right are now crying for a government wall on the border, and that’s why they elected Donald Trump. Very short-sighted. Just ask the people of the former East Germany how they liked their government wall. They didn’t. After the Amerikan government wall is built, future administrations will use it in the same way that the East German rulers did. We know that the leftists among the U.S. rulers have a Fugitive Slave Act mentality in their going after expats to steal their wealth. With a wall (and all the bureaucratic restrictions on travel as well), the future rulers can just lock the people in. And the neanderthals among those employed by TSA and DHS will happily enforce that.

So the national authoritarian socialists on the right are very similar to their counter-parts on the left, in their rejection of the liberty envisioned by America’s founders.

They also reject the Golden Rule, as discussed by Ron Paul at a debate in South Carolina, in which opponents in the audience booed Dr. Paul’s view of applying the Golden Rule to U.S. foreign policy. If we don’t want foreign regimes invading and bombing our cities and towns and murdering our people, then we obviously shouldn’t allow our government to invade and bomb and murder foreigners over there. Right?

This “citizenship” thing, by the way, is referring to the relationship between the individual and the ruling government. It is a political relationship, not an economic or social one. It is one of serfdom, not of freedom. “Citizenship” is very important to the authoritarian nationalists, in their own relationship with the ruling bureaucrats in Washington. And this is why they are not big on economic freedom, such as in trade, another example.

I am sure that the Trump-supporting nationalists will support the government when or if it begins to impose a “National Service” program again, i.e. the “draft,” whether it’s into the military or in the government’s proposed conscription for tech workers or those with other skills.

Because we owe society, i.e. the government, for our freedom. That is the nationalists’ mantra. We owe gratitude, as William F. Buckley, Jr. would put it, for our wise and high and mighty rulers in Washington. No, not quite what the American founders had in mind.

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