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The Annoying, Frustrating Authoritarian Nationalists of Conservative Talk Radio

Here are some subsequent comments I have since my recent post regarding the “nationalists on the right.” I will clarify some things here. First, I referred to them as the “national socialists on the right,” because I was referring to the people generally referred to as being on “the right” (as opposed to “the left”), the ones who are foaming supporters of Donald Trump’s “economic nationalism” policies, such as several talk radio personalities I listen to. I was not referring to “neo-Nazis,” and I wanted to make that perfectly clear.

This “economic nationalism” of Trump and Steve Bannon really is just another phrase meaning “national socialism.” Yes, Trump and his follower ditto-heads are “socialists,” whether they will admit to that label or not. And I know that “national socialism” is a left policy, not right, but I was referring to those people generally referred to as being on the right.

Now, in my post I suggested that these people such as Limbaugh, Hannity, Kuhner, et al. on the radio, if they were around during the 1930s they would have supported FDR in his sending the Jewish refugees back to Germany, which is exactly what FDR did. And I believe that these people around today would have done that because they currently would send refugees back to war-torn Syria and other places over there, and they would gladly send back the escapees from Central America back to the drug lords and sex traffickers. I listen to these ignoramuses every day, so I am quite familiar with their views, their hypocrisy, and their anti-immigration, anti-foreigner propaganda.

And as I mentioned in my other post, if those so-called conservatives were around during the American Revolution they would have sided with the British rulers and helped the British soldiers to find and arrest “disloyal colonists,” those dissidents and “radicals” who criticized the Regime.

Like the Nazi German informant who turned in members of the White Rose, these “nationalists” around today would have acted as informants and reported on “unpatriotic” neighbors during the American Revolution. And I believe those things based on the authoritarian “patriotic” rhetoric by these so-called conservative “nationalists” in their criticism and outrage over people who won’t stand for the National Anthem or recite the Pledge of Obedience a.k.a. Pledge of Allegiance, or who are “disrespectful of the flag.” In their authoritarian nationalism they view a flag as “sacred,” based on the brainwashing they received throughout 12-16 years of government-controlled schooling and growing up in this authoritarian society.

These are people who are gullible and easily bamboozled by U.S. government propaganda and believe what the bureaucrats in Washington say about the “terrorists,” about why 9/11 happened and that we must “fight them over there to protect us over here,” and that we mustn’t allow anyone to question the national security apparatus’s legitimacy and sincerity in the “war on terror,” and not allow anyone to question the “war on terror” itself.

In the case of Sean Hannity in particular, I think he’s dishonest and hypocritical. For instance, I think that his constant coverage of the Mueller witch hunt against Donald Trump has been great, with daily interviews of Sarah Carter and others investigating the corrupt Mueller/FBI/DOJ apparatchiks in their fishing expedition to try to take down Donald Trump. However, I thoroughly believe that Hannity would NOT be doing ANY of this stuff if this were during the end of the Bush administration and the Bush DOJ/FBI were attempting to create a fake news story in an attempted framing of the Obama or Hillary campaign of “colluding with Russians to steal the election,” and so on. Hannity would have been right with the witch hunt on that side, because he is really just a partisan propagandist, in my opinion.

In a different area of discussion, during an interview regarding the Florida school shooting, Hannity interrupted a talk radio personality Gina Louden when she brought up the relationship between these mass shootings and pharmaceutical drugs such as antidepressants. (Hmm, it’s not because Hannity’s show or Fox News is sponsored by the big drug companies, is it? We never or rarely hear about the connection between psychiatric drugs and these mass killing incidents because the pharmaceutical companies are some of the TV news outlets’ biggest advertisers.) And just in the past few days, maybe it was yesterday during Hannity’s 2nd radio hour, I heard Hannity cut off a guest when the guest brought up something controversial, I can’t remember specifically now, it might have been regarding the Syria chemical attack as a possible false flag. The Hannity neocons don’t want listeners to know about false flags especially promoted by the CIA.

And by the way, Hannity is buying the “Syria’s Assad gassed his own people” story, hook, line and sinker. So are most of these nationalistic so-called conservative talk radio personalities. And I’m getting sick of Sebastian Gorka on all these talk shows. As these guys tend to believe what the neocon wing of bureaucracy and its media flunkies tell them, Gorka also believes the narrative that Assad was responsible for the recent chemical attack on civilians, that, like five years ago, was likely a false flag attack to justify further Western military aggressions in the Middle East.

(The alleged chemical attack just one year ago in Syria was apparently unintended following Syria’s bombing of Islamic rebels’ weapons cache. But most people don’t know that — based on propaganda, they believe that Assad intentionally gas-attacked civilians.)

And Gorky promotes more war while at the same time denying that the Trump administration is a neocon Bush III despite its taking in the failed John Bolton to do even more damage than Bush and Obama have done. Karen Kwiatkowski says that Doug Feith, a major architect of the disastrous Bush Iraq War, might now join Trump as well. Doh!

And as I also mentioned recently, many of these conservatives and talk radio personalities bring up the “right to keep and bear arms” when the gun-grabbers resurface after a mass shooting. But at the end of the day, when President Trump declares some kind of martial law that will include suspicion-less searches of non-suspects’ persons and homes and cars, and unconstitutional confiscation of firearms, in my view the Limbaughs and Hannitys of the political and talk radio punditry will side with the rulers. (And frankly, I believe they will do that whether the Bureaucrat-in-Chief is Trump, Hillary Rotten Clinton, Joe Biden, or whatever.) Because they believe the gubmint! They are “patriots.”

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