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Some Thoughts for Today

As I have pointed out here several times now, Jacob Hornberger asks why the anti-gun students protesting don’t protest the U.S. military and CIA and otherwise U.S. government with decades of shooting, bombing and murdering the many thousands of innocents abroad. I think it’s because the students are in part traumatized by these school shootings, and also they are brainwashed by their elders in the government schools to have the George Sorros-funded and promulgated leftist views that they have.

And I’m not a particularly big fan of Laura Ingraham, but now we have all those companies withdrawing their ads from her TV show, just because she tweeted a little teasing of the 17-year-old anti-gun activist David Camera-Hogg (as Rush Limbaugh calls him). She called him “whiny.” (Oh, grow up! as Joan Rivers would say.) Some people on a talk radio show this morning were saying, “He’s 17, leave him alone,” and that sort of thing. Excuse me, if he is going to take the time to get his skinny little face on stage to lead the chanting to ban guns (and they want to take not just “assault rifles” but all guns away from civilians but not from government goons), and to violate the rights of other people then he is risking criticism, satire and lampooning just like any other political figure. And that is what Hogg is now, he has entered the political arena because he wants to use the armed political power of government to violate the rights of others.

Some of the companies withdrawing ads from Laura Ingraham include AT&T, Bayer, and Nestle. I don’t like those companies anyway, so if there is some kind of boycotting backfire against them from Fox News fans, it wouldn’t bother me.

And Justin Raimondo has this article about the Israelis and the Palestinians: a problem without a solution. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I’m not particularly supportive of Israel. One reason is because I am not supportive of socialism and central planning (Israel is big on socialism and central planning). Also, I am not supportive of militarism and the police state (Israel is big on militarism and the police state as well). But I am especially supportive of private property rights and contract rights, civil liberties and due process (Israel is not big at all with private property, contract rights, civil liberties and due process). And also, Israel was intended to be a “safe haven for Jews,” while it has not been particularly safe for Jews. I think that most of the United States has been the safest for Jews, certainly safer than Israel has been. And for those who don’t like my writing those things and want to call me a “self-hating Jew,” well, I’m not irrational and I believe in reality and the truth. It’s important to be truthful and not sweep the truth under the rug, no?

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