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NPR’s Tom Ashbrook Asks for Redemption

In December I had mentioned Tom Ashbrook, formerly of “On Point” on NPR, who was yet another alleged groper/octopus/abuser/manipulator at the radio station where he worked, and from which he did his biased 2-hour daily NPR program.

According to WBUR, who eventually fired Ashbrook, “Tirades directed at young women in the studio. Name calling and belittling critiques of show ideas during meetings. ‘Creepy’ sex talk, hugs and back or neck rubs after a dressing down. That’s the pattern of alleged abuse described by 11 mostly young women and men who filed a multi-page document outlining their complaints…”

Well, Ashbrook has an op-ed column in the Boston Globe in which he begs for forgiveness and hopes for redemption.

Ashbrook writes: “My firing came in the heat of the #MeToo movement, which I support, believe in, and applaud. I never imagined being a target. I should have been more self-aware of my own behavior and sensitive to the people around me.”

How could you never imagine “being a target” or being accused of all those things? Are jerks really that clueless? I guess so. (That’s because they’re jerks.)

But I really liked the comments following the article, so I will quote from some of them:

“Too soon to consider. Go back to your cave, Tom.”

“Scram, Tom.”

“I like that he had to drop in a plug for his ratings in the middle of his apology.”

“I am all for second chances, but why did it take losing your job for you to realize that you were being a jerk? If you had never lost your job, would you still be a jerk?”

“No. You’re history buddy. The days of forgiveness are over.”

“He did not provide ‘a welcoming atmosphere’ for the 23 current and former WBUR employees who’ve alleged verbal abuse, intimidation and/or unwanted touching by Ashbrook. For the sake of their staff, WBUR should keep him out of their building (and so should all other radio stations). If people still crave his radio show then he should host a podcast by himself in his basement, where he can’t harass anybody.”

“He’s just sorry that his co-workers reported his behavior. He’s not “sorry” for treating them badly. Go away Tom!”

“While I always enjoyed On Point, this comes across as whiny and undignified.”

“Wow. These anonymous comments. How abusive. How bullying. I am among the thousands of listeners nationwide who miss you on the air. You are without a doubt far more talented than the revolving door of substitutes they’ve trotted through at WBUR. Any station would be smart to snap you up.”

“How is it abusive to suggest that Tom Ashbrook does not fully get why he was fired? His comments come down to this. ‘I may have offended some but I had big ratings.’ This take may be enough to get a job somewhere else,but not here.”

To be fair, there were some more forgiving comments. But why put them in here? I enjoy seeing a biased “journalist” getting the boot.

So frankly, I couldn’t care less about this. I listened to “On Point” a little bit from time to time, but not at all in the past year or two. Talk about biased. It is NPR, after all. When discussing a political issue, for his conservative guest he would have someone who was just not as far to the left as the communists far-leftists on the panel. I wrote about his discussion on capitalism here. Clueless clucks. So, as far as I’m concerned, good riddance to him, and please, Terry Ew-Gross, the entire team at “The Takeaway,” and especially “Morning Edition” as well!

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