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News and Commentary (And Some Older Ones)

James Bovard on 25 years after the U.S. government’s attack in Waco and murders of over 70 innocent people.

Thomas Knapp says that Donald Trump isn’t the first war criminal President, but he should be the last.

Zero Hedge has a lengthy article on long-time war reporter Robert Fisk who was at the Syrian “chemical attack” site, and who concludes, “they were not gassed.” This refers to the allegation that Syrian leader Assad attacked his own people with chemical weapons, which makes no sense. And thus Donald Trump’s recent bombing of Syria was unjustified. But the warmongers loved it.

Another long-time war reporter, Eric Margolis, comments on Assad and the false accusations by the West.

Thomas Paine says that society is a blessing, but government is evil.

Kevin Carson on the State’s own illegality (2010 article).

Jack Burns discusses the thousands of people in Amerika in jail for over a year, pre-trial.

Carl Watner discusses voluntaryism and secessionism (2000 article).

Laurence Vance has 8 stubborn facts on the drug war, asks whether drug testing violates libertarian principles, and says that Republicans talk the talk about limited government but don’t walk the walk. (i.e. they’re FOS.)

Dale Steinreich details the 100 years of U.S. medical fascism (2010 article). (8 more years of U.S. medical fascism since then, and counting.)

Jacob Hornberger says that the animus toward Russia is nothing new.

Michael Boldin says that Trump’s Syria airstrikes are unconstitutional.

Ray McGovern on the criminal referral of Comey, Clinton, et al.

Albert Jay Nock comments on the criminality of the State.

Joshua Green on the myth of cyberterrorism (2001 article).

Daniel Mitchell discusses the looming fiscal nightmare of extravagant unfunded pensions for state and local bureaucrats.

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