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Mueller Investigation Update: But Who Will Investigate the Investigators?

Special Bureaucrat Robert Mueller has gotten the FBI to raid the New York office of Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, seizing many, many documents and records. Some people are speculating that Mueller has caused this new extension of the “Russia Collusion” investigation to bait Trump into firing Mueller, so the anti-Trump forces can use that as an excuse to charge Trump with “obstruction.” This makes me now wonder whether the deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein’s urging Trump to fire then-FBI director James Comey might itself have been Rosenstein’s own attempt to bait Trump into an “obstruction” charge. Rosenstein was the DOJ official who signed off on the questionable FISA surveillance of Carter Page.

This whole Trump-Russia investigation by Mueller is a banana-republic, kangaroo investigation. There was no crime that was ever being investigated. Instead, it was an investigation (more accurately a “witch hunt”) in search of a crime. The Mueller team and FBI entrapped Mike Flynn into a “lying to the FBI” charge, and indicted some other people for things not really having anything to do with Donald Trump. But they did indict some politically-uninvolved Russians in a marketing scheme.

But, it appears that Donald Trump will not be interviewed by Mueller after many months that Trump said he would talk to him. Had Trump done that, it is obvious that Mueller and his team would have probably entrapped Trump in the same way as previous entrapment victims, and that would be their way to impeachment. But obviously, now that there won’t be that opportunity for Mueller, and his investigation of “Trump-Russia collusions” are coming up with nothing, that means Mueller has to do desperate things like getting the FBI to raid Trump’s lawyer’s office.

In all the materials the FBI stole from the lawyer’s office, I am sure they will find something to use as evidence against Trump in some minor technical violation, as well as perhaps other clients whose information is also contained in the seized material. This is a fishing-expedition-based-on-politics on steroids. Anything that comes of this, any indictments, should be taken to the U.S. Supreme Court, and if cases are rubber-stamped, then there is no more “attorney-client privilege.” (Just like with ObamaCare, no more doctor-patient confidentiality, etc.)

But now the DOJ inspector general Michael Horowitz has released his initial report that former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe lied to investigators on several occasions in the ongoing Mueller investigation. The inspector general will release further reports on FBI shenanigans associated with the 2016 election and the Trump-Russia probe.

Andrew McCabe was closely involved in the changes made to the language of a statement by James Comey on whether to charge Hillary Clinton with any crimes involving her email scandal. The investigators changed the words “gross negligence” (which is a legal term in which they would have to have indicted Clinton), to the words “extremely careless,” which removes criminal responsibility. This was allegedly done intentionally to save Hillary from being a jailbird.

So while the Mueller Russia investigation has been a farce and a political witch hunt toward the goal of taking down Trump as President, the real scandal and the real criminality is pervasive involving the apparatchiks of the FBI and DOJ. But the corrupt attorney general, Jeff Sessions says there will not be a second special counsel to investigate all the corruption.

These conservatives discuss the corruption of FBI investigators and the call for a second special counsel.

Now, I stand by what I wrote in my previous post, that these guys wouldn’t be discussing this on conservative news shows had it been the Bush DOJ and FBI attempting to interfere with the Obama election. That is because these conservatives are partisan Republicans and more important they have been constant defenders of the national security state, the DOJ, FBI including J. Edgar Hoover, and all the rest. But, at least they are discussing these issues now.

Meanwhile, the bamboozled public really believes this Mueller investigation is legitimate. Most people really believe the “Russia-Russia-Russia” propaganda, just as they believe the current warmongering propaganda to get public approval of Trump ordering the bombing of Syria.

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