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More News and Commentary

The Daily Bell with an article on DHS wanting to create a vast “media monitoring” apparatus to keep real-time surveillance on all world-wide media, including (and especially) social media. (Centralized stasi much?)

Breitbart with an article on Facebook labeling all Breitbart articles as “intentionally misleading.”

Robert Higgs says that statism’s first casualty is the truthful use of language.

Zero Hedge with an article that Russia has “irrefutable evidence” that U.K. staged the alleged Syrian chemical attack.

The Intercept with an article on Donald Trump’s DoJ legal justification for bombing Syria that Congress is not allowed to see.

Jacob Hornberger writes about U.S. government dropping hypocrisy bombs on Syria.

James Bovard says that college students aren’t starving — the real college problem is obesity.

Becky Akers objects to Hillary’s degrading married white women.

Henry Hazlitt wrote in 1949 about 4,000 years of price control.

Richard Ebeling discusses some of the reasons for anti-Capitalism: ignorance, arrogance, and envy.

Justin Raimondo asks, Why write about foreign policy? and writes about Trump bombing his base.

Gareth Porter writes about what Ken Burns left out of the Vietnam story.

And Bill Sardi suggests that Stephen Hawking may have been a polio victim or vaccine victim.

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