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Is Giuliani Flipping on Trump? (Updated)

According to this article from NBC news, the Trump legal team had been “discussing a possible interview with Mueller’s team and had begun to hash out the final sticking points, including the timing, scope and length, according to people familiar with the discussions. One person familiar with the strategy said the president’s lawyers had sought over the weekend to expand his legal team to include individuals who would prepare him for an interview.”

But the chances of that interview decreased quite a bit because of Mueller’s referral to the FBI to raid Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s office and seize 10 boxes of documents and emails, and who knows what.

Many people advising Trump to not have that interview have included some of his lawyers John Dowd, who is now out, and Jay Sekulow, as well as Chris Christie, and Newt Gingrich.

Also retired Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has stated in the following interview that an innocent person can be indicted for perjury even if he’s telling the truth, if another witness has told prosecutors something different and the prosecutors believe the other witness. Former D.C. U.S. attorney Joe diGenova calls such an interview a “perjury trap.”

We do know that Mueller’s prosecutorial team pressured former national security advisor Mike Flynn to plead guilty to lying to the FBI, even though the FBI interrogators believed that he had not lied in his interview. It is possible that Flynn also considered the guilty plea because he knew that prosecutors were investigating his son as well.

But, given that Mueller prosecutors didn’t even believe that Flynn intentionally lied to FBI but were charging him anyway, it clearly was a case of entrapment. And they will do the same with Trump if given the chance. The problem with Trump is that he has made so many statements covering all sides of every issue, anything he says in an interview with Mueller’s gang could be interpreted as a “lie” whether he intended to mislead or not.

So now the corrupt and dishonest Rudy Giuliani has been added to the Trump legal team. One reason to totally distrust Giuliani is that he said, regarding his joining the Trump legal team, “I’m doing it because I hope we can negotiate an end to this [Mueller investigation] for the good of the country and because I have high regard for the president and for Bob Mueller.” (Hmm, high regard for this? That sure tells us something.)

According to the Washington Post, “Dowd stepped down in March amid clashes over strategy and whether Trump should sit for a voluntary interview with Mueller. The legal team has often been beset by infighting.”

That is, the lawyers who know how easy it is for government investigators to entrap someone are saying that Trump should not talk, and the ones who are a part of the “swamp” and who really want Trump out are saying that Trump should talk to Mueller.

Some people, such as liberal Hillary-supporting blogger Bill Palmer, think that Rudy may be the one who is going to flip on Donald Trump. Palmer says that Mueller “cut a plea deal with Giuliani’s former client, Turkish criminal Reza Zarrab. Since that time the question has been whether Giuliani has secretly cut a plea deal against Donald Trump. Believe it or not, the FBI’s sudden raid against Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen provides strong evidence that Giuliani has indeed flipped on Trump….”

Palmer continues: “Unless you think Giuliani was fully exonerated in the Trump-Russia scandal by Robert Mueller prior to January, which seems incredibly unlikely that early on in the overall investigation, the other explanation would be that Giuliani cut a plea deal prior to January. Back in February, Palmer Report pointed out that Giuliani sounded very wary of what the FBI can do a criminal target, suggesting he’d already been through the ringer by then.” (Link via Target Liberty)

So, Giuliani says, “My advice on Mueller has been this: He should be allowed to do his job. He’s entitled to do his job.”

And given that the deep state, the swamp, doesn’t want someone in there who has expressed any anti-swamp sentiment, I think we know what that means.

UPDATE on May 3, 2018: Giuliani gets on TV and already betrays Trump’s confidence by merely talking! He’s contradicting things Trump has stated, and making Trump out to be a liar (which he probably is). Just the fact that Giuliani went on TV is enough. As Trump’s lawyer, his talks should be with Trump, not on TV. So this is further proof, as far as I’m concerned.

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