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False Flag in Syria? Will Trump Fall for It?

Losing his patience with Donald Trump, Justin Raimondo writes, “A child could see through the fake ‘chemical attack’ supposedly launched by Bashar al-Assad just as his troops defeated the jihadists and Trump said he wanted out of Syria. But our President can’t, which raises the question: is he as stupid or stupider than George W. Bush? Or is he crazy?”

And he continues, “We are expected to believe that the Assad regime committed a horrific atrocity against mostly women and children at the very moment when Syrian forces have decisively defeated the Islamist rebels and Trump declared he wanted US troops out of Syria. Days before this fake attack, the Russian Defense Ministry warned that a false flag provocation was in the making.”

People need to ask, exactly how would Assad benefit from chemical-bombing Syrian civilians? And who would benefit from that?

And Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams discuss the recent chemical attack in Syria:

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