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U.S. Out of Iraq

On the 15th year of George W. Bush’s war of aggression on Iraq, Ron Paul says that we should listen to the Iraqi parliament, who have voted to once again tell the U.S. military to get out of Iraq.

Iraq did not threaten the U.S. and the warmongers exploited 9/11 and lied and fabricated “evidence” to justify a murderous war of aggression (for the 2nd time) against Iraq. Our government and military have no moral right to be anywhere in the Middle East, and certainly no moral justification to attack any of those countries. The U.S. needs to get all U.S. military personnel out of the entire Middle East, close down all those foreign U.S. military bases and stop provoking foreigners and trespassing on their lands and killing their people.

And by the way, Dr. Paul also mentioned Sen. Lindsey Graham’s recent comment that war on North Korea would be worth it, long term. Doh! What a moron. Does he not know that the U.S. military bombed the crap out of North Korea once before and killed a million civilians, and look what we have now in Korea. Was THAT worth it in the long term?

But now, it looks like with Donald Trump’s visit this week with Benjamin Nutty-Yahoo of Israel that the agenda will be, as Sen. John McCain would put it, Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran, Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran, etc., etc. (even though Iran has not threatened us either — warmongers are retarded?)

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