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The Crazed U.S. Government Imposes Censorship and Propaganda Orders for News and Social Media Outlets

Aaron Kesel has this article on Activist Post on the recent YouTube purge of conservatives and libertarians, and those who question the official government narratives of events. It’s part of a censorship of libertarians and conservatives, those who are freedom-minded and who promote freedom of thought and conscience.

Kesel includes this video of activist Naomi Wolf speaking at the 2014 Liberty Forum.

Ms. Wolf mentioned the awful propagandistic film Zero Dark Thirty, which Glenn Greenwald had written about in 2012 as “CIA hagiography, pernicious propaganda.” (Another article in 2012 by Greenwald, by the way, was on the correspondence and collusion between the New York Times and the CIA.)

And the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity posted this video of James Corbett and Daniel McAdams discussing the U.S. State Department’s war on political dissent with its “Global Engagement Center,” which will attempt to get the social media outlets to censor what it thinks is “propaganda.” i.e. those users who are engaged in questioning and criticism of U.S. government foreign policy and its global empire of war and death abroad (and at home?).

James Corbett’s YouTube page with this video links to these Show Notes:

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Episode 332 – The Weaponization of Social Media

Here is the New York Times‘ spin on the “Global Engagement Center.” The Times asserts that the Center has not spent any of the money Congress has funded for it. Supposedly, it all has to do with “Russia, Russia, Russia,” and all that. That whole thing has been “fake news,” all made up by USG to cover for its apparatchiks’ attempts to thwart a Trump election and take down Trump after he’s elected — and that’s IT!

Meanwhile, speaking of the New York Times, the organization Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) published an article about the New York Times printing government-funded propaganda about government-funded propaganda. FAIR writes:

An op-ed by the president of the right-wing human rights group Freedom House, published in the New York Times Monday (12/11/17)—later boosted by New York Times chief White House correspondent Peter Baker—warned of the menace of “commentators, trolls, bots, false news sites and propaganda,” and their negative effects on democracy. Missing from its analysis was any account of how the government that funds their organization—86 percent of Freedom House’s budget comes from the US government, primarily the State Department and USAID—uses social media to stir unrest and undermine governments worldwide.

What the reader was left with was a very selective, curated impression that online social media manipulation is something done exclusively by brown and black people and those dastardly Slavs. The column condemns “surreptitious techniques pioneered in Moscow and Beijing to use the internet to drown out dissent and undermine free elections,” going on to cite online skullduggery in the Philippines, Kenya, Turkey, Mexico and Iran.

Missing from the piece by Freedom House’s Michael Abramowitz is any mention—much less discussion—of numerous reports detailing online manipulation by US and allied governments and Western PR firms.

No mention of the Defense Department’s $100 million program Operation Earnest Voice software that “creates fake online identities to spread pro-American propaganda.” No mention of the US Air Force’s 2010 solicitation of “persona management” software designed to create hundreds of sock puppets, “replete with background, history, supporting details and cyber presences that are technically, culturally and geographically consistent.” No mention of USAID (the same government agency, incidentally, that funds Freedom House) secretly creating an entire social media platform to “stir unrest” in Cuba. No mention of the US State Department’s newly-created $160 million Global Engagement Center, targeting English-language audiences with unattributed Facebook videos combating, in part, “Russia propaganda.”

Additionally, Greenwald had also written some articles not favorable to the New York Times, about the “Nixonian henchmen” at the Times, and the NYT‘s journalistic obedience in its withholding information about a CIA goon because the government told it to.

And there actually is a Wikipedia page on “Google censorship,” but it mentions nothing about what’s going on now at Google. Talk radio personality Dennis Prager is suing Google for censoring his “Prager University” videos. I would usually say that because Google is a privately owned company, it has a right, protected by the First Amendment, to organize its searches however it wants, and if we don’t like it we can get another tech company such as “Ixquick” as an alternative. However, if Google is as thoroughly enmeshed with the gubmint as it appears to be, then let everybody sue the crap out of Google. Who cares about them?

Google owns YouTube, by the way.

Finally, political activist Ron Unz now has a section on his website featuring videos and video channels banned by the intolerant comrades of YouTube. Here is Ron Unz’s video page. (I don’t think that all the channels had been banned, however.) Will Herr Schmidt of Google send his censorship gestapo after Ron Unz now? I hope not.

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