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Former SCOTUS Justice Wants to Disarm People And Make Them Defenseless

Here is another example of why we who love freedom still have to keep writing on behalf of freedom. Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, nearly 98 years of age, has written an op-ed on the New York Times, suggesting that we “repeal the 2nd Amendment.”

Well, I expect the many young high school students who marched and protested last weekend to be as ignorant as they are, guided solely by emotion and hysteria and completely lacking in rational thought. They are high school kids, after all. But I don’t expect that of a Supreme Court Justice, or former Supreme Court Justice. (Although, thank God he’s no longer on the bench, right?)

So Jacob Hornberger has this excellent post responding to Justice Stevens’s ignorance. Here is an excerpt:

Our right to own guns doesn’t come from the Second Amendment. Our rights don’t come from the Bill of Rights. They don’t come from the Constitution. And they don’t come from the government. Our rights preexist the government, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. They are inherent in us. They are endowed in us by nature and by God.

Thus, we have the right of free speech whether or not there is a government, a constitution, and a bill of rights. The same goes for religious liberty. The same goes for the right to own guns or any other property. Indeed, as Thomas Jefferson pointed out in the Constitution, our general rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness do not come from government but instead, are natural, God-given rights that preexist government.

What is the purpose of government? As the Declaration of Independence also points out, the purpose of government is to protect the exercise of people’s natural, God-given, preexisting rights.

Such being the case, how can a repeal of the Second Amendment operate to destroy a right that exists independently of the Second Amendment?

Let’s review how the federal government came into existence…

Read the whole piece. He really gets to the heart of the matter regarding why the writers of the U.S. Constitution thought it necessary to include a Bill of Rights.

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