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Cognitive Dissonance from the Left and Right

Another funny post by Thomas DiLorenzo on the “radical leftist cultural Marxists who organized the Trash-the-Constitution rally in D.C. and elsewhere last week,” and their leader David Hogg, “with arm raised in a Hitler-like salute to repeat F-bomb after F-bomb…”

My, the sense of decency and respect for others these kids have. Who are their parents? Do they have parents?

DiLorenzo referred to Hogg as “Little Hitler” who encouraged his followers to harass Laura Ingraham’s advertisers, because she made fun of Hogg’s college application rejections. (Can’t these kids take a joke? Wait, isn’t this the crowd who called Dana Loesch a “c-word,” etc.?) Is it true that Ingraham merely tweeted the teasing on twitter, but it wasn’t on her TV show? And the advertisers still withdrew their ads from her show? Idiots.

As someone on American Thinker indicated, would these young people tolerate anti-abortion groups having rallies and saying to these kids that they “have blood on their hands” in advocating abortion, just as the anti-gun speakers say that the “NRA has blood on its hands”? In my view, no, the little dictators-wannabe would not tolerate that. They would say how dare you try to infringe on my abortion rights! (The right to kill their offspring, that is.)

The young people hysterically want to take guns away from civilian people and make them defenseless, but not take guns away from the police, of course. The young people in their cognitive dissonance want a disarmed civilian population but a heavily armed government police, because the young people WANT to be terrorized and shot up by armed S.W.A.T. teams breaking into their homes all because of marijuana and underage drinking. Government schools!

And I wonder what psychiatric drugs some of these hysterical trained sheeple are on. They are showing what useful idiots they are in the turning of this society into a third-world “s-hole.”

Are these future authoritarian fascists going to put the rest of us in the gulags for dissenters?

Anyway, another thing that’s in the news is the high school student in Connecticut who posted a picture of a toy gun on social media, and the school “Zero Tolerance” Nazis called the police and had him arrested. The article lists many, many past incidents of utter lunacy coming from the government schools, terrorizing and assaulting, unlawfully detaining and incarcerating innocent kids. If it were my kid, I would insist on pressing charges against the school “authorities,” teachers, administrators, principal, whoever it was who took the action, and I would have them arrested and charged with endangerment, harassment, false imprisonment, etc. And I would sue those particular individuals financially for emotional damages for the distress they will have caused my kid. Sue the actual people who sicced police on innocent harmless kids, don’t sue the school, because it is wrong to make taxpayers bail out criminal school bureaucrats.

So, the kids are dumbed down in today’s government schools, the kids who don’t understand what freedom means, and who don’t know their history. And I think these school bureaucrats are also dumbed down from their own awful government education years. They are clearly morons.

But on conservative talk radio, you see, while they tend to be in agreement with me on those aforementioned issues, they then nevertheless go off the deep end in their anti-foreigner nationalism and anti-immigration stuff, and the “national security” stuff.

On national security they tend to actually believe the bureaucrats in Washington with the warmongering and militarism, when it actually would be safer to assume that the bureaucrats are always lying. Don’t believe what the bureaucrats are saying in justifying more wars, more U.S. military aggressions and invasions, more illicit sacrifice of young Americans for no good reason. But for some reason, the folks on the conservative side believe. (It’s like a blind faith. I wish they would shake it.)

On the immigration stuff, I hear Howie Carr and this Jeff Kuhner person on I’ve heard Kuhner many times now with the nationalism collectivist claptrap. Very anti-free market and droolingly supportive of government central planning in the planners and bureaucrats’ futile attempts to control the movements of millions of people and erecting a giant police state against the people. Kuhner is one of those hard-core anti-immigration nutcases who wants to deport those who are “here illegally,” who haven’t gotten a bureaucrat’s permission to travel and find a better place for themselves and their families. Whatever happened to “unalienable rights”? (Unalienable what?) Sadly, some people favor sending immigrant kids back to their old country to be exploited for sex trafficking and slaves for drug lords, all in the name of good ol’ US of A’s socialist government controls. In my view, if it were the 1930s, these people, like Kuhner, Hannity and Limbaugh would be right there with FDR sending the Jews back to Germany. (I’m glad it’s not the 1930s.)

The anti-immigration socialists need to listen to Hornberger and Ebeling on that issue.

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